Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Review:The Lunar Chronicles: Winter

                                        The Lunar Chronicles: Winter Review
This book is the final book of The Lunar Chronicles series and it deals with Cinder finally making a direct move against Levana by moving the fight away from Earth and onto Luna. Cinder plans to convince the people in Luna's outer sectors to help her stage an upraising against Levana which while that part of her plan actually goes fairly well not a whole lot else in her plan goes well with her ending up captured at times and her allies ending up captured as well and the whole upraising taking a few days longer than originally planned.

In this book I feel that all of the main characters have a role to play and different section in the novel where they are allowed to play that role. In this book Kai is finally fully aware of who Cinder is so he actually gets to be involved with her planning and for his part he is basically still having to marry Levana but at least now he's doing that to distract Levana from Cinder's real plan rather than resigning himself to a marriage that is basically a death sentence. In this book we get to see more of Cress and Thorne's relationship develop with them both admitting how they feel about each other while also playing key roles in helping Cinder succeed. With Wolf we get to actually meet his mother and learn a bit more about his life before he was one of Levana's genetically engineer soldiers. Scarlet spends her time working with Princess Winter in escaping from Levana and later recruiting an army.

This book also of course has a major focus on Princess Winter the step daughter of Levana who is a Lunar who refuses to use her gift to manipulate people and has been driven insane because of it but because she is so kind and beautiful the people adore which of course makes Levana think of her as a threat to her throne. Winter is a characters that I found myself loving since she was first introduced last book so I wasn't surprised that I just ended up loving her more as I got to know her more but what did surprise me was that this book made me like Jacin the Lunar guard that we met last book that is in love with Winter. Jacin is given more depth in this book and since he is given point of view we can understand his actions which makes them easier to support and his relationship with Winter is a really sweet one.

Overall I loved this book, it was a great end to a great series. There was so many things that happened in this book and so many characters and relationships that were explored in this book and I feel like I got a good amount of all of them which is something that couldn't have been easy to write but was really great to read so the authors hard work paid off in the end. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

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