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TV Review: Shadowhunters: Of Men and Angels(1.06)

                                       Shadowhunters: Of Men and Angels(1.06)Review
  • I liked that Luke and Jocelyn had a conversation in dream land where Luke tells her how much he misses her and tries to get her to tell him how he can save her and I like that Jocelyn tells him that he has to tell Clary everything so that she can defeat Valentine.
  • I liked that Magnus was pretty much willing to help as soon as Clary and Simon dragged a bloody Luke through the door.
  • I like that Clary is feeling a bit guilty about doubting Luke since he's the only father she has ever known so thinking that he meant to hurt her is something that she now feels foolish for thinking.
  • I found it a bit funny that Jace accidently wrapped Luke's car around a tree when he was getting rid of it and that he then says he doesn't do mundane driving.
  • I find it a bit funny how both Jace and Simon are so determined to be the one that gets the ingredients that Magnus needs to heal Luke it's such a dumb thing for them to be competitive about.
  • I liked that Magnus said that he needed Alec to be there and I liked that Jace doesn't really like the idea that Magnus needs Alec there for something which I think is Jace being a bit protective Alec which is nice to see especially after how he treated Alec last episode.
  • I find it interesting that Alec saw that there is something different about the way Maryse is acting although Izzy can't see it.
  • I like that Alec and Izzy are just so purely happy when they get to see Max when he first comes back to the institute, it's just so sweet how much they adore him.
  • I liked that Robert actually does give Izzy a hug and shows that he actually missed her but I dislike how he's cold with Alec and blames him for Clary being out of the institute.
  • I dislike how Jace seems to use the fact that their parabatai as a way to get Alec to do things that Alec doesn't think that they should be doing and I feel like Alec is trying to tell Jace that he has been ignoring what Alec has been trying to tell him since Clary has came into their lives.
  • I like that Magnus refers to Jace and Simon as Clary's boy toys because they are acting like that is what they are.
  • I liked that when Clary was worrying about what would happen if they can't get the ingredients in time to make the potion to save Luke that Magnus tells her that she can't let herself think like that. I like that when Clary is doubting herself that Magnus tells her that he's seen what she can do first hand and that she should believe in herself a bit more.
  • I liked that Luke communicates to Magnus that he needs to tell Clary about what happened during Valentine's uprising.
  • I like that Simon calls Jace out for not treating Alec well because he really hasn't been taking what Alec thinks or says into account much since the series began and I think that one of the reasons that Jace gets so bad at Simon for talking about Alec is because he knows that Simon isn't entirely wrong.
  • I don't get why Jace tells Simon that he's like a lapdog for Clary when that has never been the case in my opinion because while Simon does have feelings for Clary he has always treated her like a best friend and she does the same for him and their relationship is really great and healthy so I think that Jace is just deflecting.
  • I dislike how Jace kept tearing Simon down probably for no other reason than the fact that Simon hit a nerve when he brought up Alec.
  • I think that Jace seemed a little bit too into it when Simon threaten him with a knife.
  • I like that Jace notices that something is up with Simon and actually asks if something happened to him when he was with the vampires.
  • I find it a bit troubling how Maryse was proud of how Alec would just take his punishment when he was younger.
  • I like that Magnus gives Clary a sketch pad because he knows that her art has been her is her bliss and she's going to need some of that now.
  • I like that when Magnus was telling Clary about how Valentine was killing downworlders for having demon blood because he was a threat to peace that Clary pointed out that Valentine was a threat to peace and that Magnus said that madmen rarely make sense.
  • I like that Magnus points out that one of the reasons that Valentine hates the downworlders so much is because he envies the gifts that they have that he doesn't.
  • I find it a bit odd that the honor of the Lightwood name is ruins because of a few unapproved missions because that shouldn't be enough to ruin someone's honor and considering what is revealed later I'm guessing that the Lightwood name is in ruins because of Maryse and Robert not Alec and Izzy.
  • I like that Magnus tells Clary that her mother cared about the duties of being a shadowhunter very much but that she gave it all up to keep Clary save because she loved her even more.
  • I like that Izzy tells Alec that he needs to say no to his parents when they ask him to marry to restore their family name because Alec's happiness means so much more to than the honor of their family could ever mean.
  • I understand Alec frustration with the fact that he has given up so much just to make everyone else happy and that he feels like being asked to marry someone he can never love is just one step too far for him.
  • I liked that Alec came in just when Magnus was running out of strength to power his magic and I like that Alec was so willing to lend Magnus his own strength and that they had to hold hands to do so.
  • I'm glad that the potion was given to Luke in just enough time so that he will live.
  • I liked how Alec asked Magnus if he was okay after he was done with the spell and looked like he was going to pass out.
  • I liked that Alec told Clary that he didn't come for Jace and I liked that she then told him that she's happy that he came for himself.
  • I like that Clary thanked Jace for having her back and I liked that Jace told her that he would always have her back while caressing her face.
  • I like that Izzy can't believe that Maryse was someone who once broke the rules but the fact that breaking the rules back fired on her might be the reason why she so harsh about people following them now.
  • I like that Maryse actually doesn't think that passion makes you weak but that it makes you dangerous because that's different than the typical shadowhunter way of thinking that emotions make you weak.
  • I think the fact that Valentine experimented with demon blood on himself shows how hypocritical he is when it comes to killing all downworlders.
  • I think it's sad how Luke blames himself for Valentine's becoming evil and that he talks fondly of how Valentine used to be when Valentine had betrayed him so completely and has become so cruel and heartless.
  • I find it sad how Izzy broke off her relationship with Melrion and then started dressing in more conservative clothes in hopes that it would help prevent Alec from having to marry someone he couldn't love.
  • I liked that Alec was cleaning Magnus's apartment and that when Magnus told him that he has magic for that Alec tells him he thinks that he has worn himself out enough for one day.
  • I find it funny that Alec asks if warlocks are always so cryptic when Magnus has been pretty upfront with the fact that he likes Alec since the moment they met.
  • I find it a bit sad that when Magnus tells Alec that he wanted to see him again that Alec asks him why because he can't think of reason why Magnus would want that.
  • I liked that Magnus told Alec that he's the first person that he has felt open his heart up in a very long time and I feel like this puts him in a very vulnerable position with him laying all his feelings out there for Alec to see and I think that's quite brave of him to do.
  • I like that when Alec tries to tell Magnus that he might want but he can't that Magnus understands what Alec is trying to say without Alec being able to finish a sentence and the smile that brings to Alec's face is so beautifully happy.
  • It is so messed up that Clary had a brother that Valentine killed in a fire when he was a baby.
  • I find it interesting that Clary is able to make objects into drawings and take objects out of those drawings and I'm glad that this leads to her figuring out where the cup is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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