Sunday, December 4, 2011

TV Review: Ringer: The Poor Kids Do It Everday(1.06)

                                   Ringer: The Poor Kids Do It Everday(1.06)Review
In this episode Bridget discovers that Gemma and that Henry has cleaned up the crime scene thinking it was her doing. Also in this episode the dective almost finds Malcom but doesn't because he gave away the information on Bridget shortly before they found him. The best parts of this episode dealt with Juliet's first day at her public high school in this episode she proves to be great in a bitchy sort of way and she seems to be developing a sweet relationship with her cute teacher.

I'm very curious as to who killed Gemma and wheather or not she's really dead. I overall felt the epsiode was okay but I'm still wishing this show was a lot better then it is. Please tell me your thoughts episode in the comment section below.

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