Sunday, December 4, 2011

TV Review: Revenge:Treachery(1.08)

  • In this episode deals with the aftermath of Frank's murder and Lydia waking up from her coma. I thought that Emily handle both situations brilliantly and I felt that Victoria did a good job at trying trigger Lydia's memory while still keeping her in the dark about what really happened.
  • I liked the odd les yay like friendship between Emily and real Emily but I'm not sure if Emily really cares for her or she's just using her.
  • I liked the relationship between Declan and Charlotte. I kind of love Charlotte's character in general and I felt bad for her in the scene were her dad told her he was moving out.
  • I kind of hate Tyler and Ashley but at the same time I felt a little bit bad for them in this episode.
  • I loved that Nolan figured out that real Emily killed Frank.
  • I liked that Daniel confronted Victoria about her cruel behavior and I just generally think that Daniel is a great guy.
  • I'm worried about what kind of trouble real Emily's going to cause since she decided not to go to Paris. I'm also unsure about how I feel about her relationship with Jack and her character in general .
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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