Sunday, December 11, 2011

Movie Review: Hugo

                                                                 Hugo Review
The movie Hugo is about a young boy in 1930s Paris that lives in a train station and fixes it's clocks while he works on fixing a robot that he believes might hold a message for his deceased father. Along the way he befriends Isabel a girl who lives with her god parents. Later on in the film they learn that Georges Melies Isabel's god father was one of the best filmakers before the war but after he lost everything because of change in peoples taste.

The film is wonderful and you end up feeling for all of the characters and being invested in all of the subplots. I loved Hugo(played by Asa Butterfield who I know from playing Mordred in the BBC Merlin series) he had a talent for fixing machines and he also had a tendency to try and fix people as well due to the loneliness he felt since his father died. I loved Isabel(played by Chloe Mortez) and her love of books and desire for adventure. I loved the friendship between these two characters as well. I loved Georges Melies(played by Ben Kingsley) the former filmaker who has lost his passion once his films were destroyed. I also greatly enjoyed the station Inspector(played by Sacha Baron Cohen) who is harsh on orphans probably due to being treated that way himself after his own parents died and his leg is in a brace which he seems terribly self conscious about, I also enjoyed his crush on the girl who sells flowers.

Overall felt that the film was brillant it was able to break my heart and warm my heart many times through out. I thought that the acting was great by everyone but I feel I have to give special mention to Asa Butterfield who was able to say everything with just a look and he made it seem like he was never acting at all. I also loved the directing by Martin Scorsese the film was also visually brillant. I loved the film and would love for you to tell me your thoughts on it.

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