Saturday, December 10, 2011

TV Review: Grimm: Danse Macabre(1.05)

                                                Grimm:Danse Macabre(1.05)Review
  • In this episode a music teacher at a private school is muled to death by rats and a pair of rat llike creatures are suspected.
  • I was really freaked out by the music teachers corspe.
  • I really liked that in this episode the fairytale creature wasn't the one who committed the crime although he did attempt to get revenge but that was understandable.
  • I liked that this epsiode once again highlighted that Nick wouldn't harm one of the creatures as long as they did nothing wrong.
  • I liked the awkward talk Monroe had with Roddy.
  • I really liked the voilin music that played through out the episode.
  • I'm worried for Hank since Adalind asked him to dinner but it appears she hasn't done anything as of yet.
  • I like that it seems like Juliet is going to find out about the whole Grimm thing soon because of how scared the repair man is of Nick for no apparent reasons.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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