Saturday, December 3, 2011

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Pilot(1.01)

                                            Once Upon a Time:Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I really liked the story of how Storybrooke came to be with the Evil Queen putting a curse on the kingdom after Snow White and Prince Charming got their happy ending.
  • I loved the way the fairytale world/past looked and I liked trying to find out who each person was in the current Storybrooke.
  • I loved seeing a sword fight although I'm sad that Prince Charming died because of it.
  • I thought that Rumpelstiltskin was very creepy and I'm worried about what he's going to due with the knowledge of Emma's name.
  • I thought that Emma was a really good character and I like that she is the chosen one but doesn't know it.
  • I loved Henry for being the only one who knows that the fairytales and that he went to find Emma since he knew she was the only one that could end the curse. I also like that he's a little kid but he's knows more then everyone else.
  • Overall I really enjoyed this episode and I think it's a good start to a new series.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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