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TV Review: Revenge: Madness(4.12)

                                                   Revenge: Madness(4.12)Review
  • I liked how it was shown how David was taken out of prison and forced into working for Malcolm Black in this episode because it's something I've been wondering about all season so it's nice to see how things came to be.
  • I liked how when Louise's brother Lyman came to town that Nolan was really distrusting of him and wanted to figure out what he was hiding in order to protect Louise from him.
  • I liked that Emily was a bit mad at David for planning to kill Victoria because Victoria is completely alone and miserable which is what Emily always wanted for her so she thought that killing her now would be mercy rather than vengeance so she was against it.
  • I really disliked how Malcolm showed up at Jack's house and pretty much threatened his kid's life because I always hate the idea of kids getting hurt or killed.
  • I liked how when Emily came to tell Nolan that she was planning to leave town with her dad and that when she said that Nolan already replaced her with Louise that he tells her that no one could replace her and how gentlemen prefers blondes and she knows that. It was just a nice moment that shows how much he loves her.
  • I liked how Nolan asked Emily for her help in figure out what Lyman could be up to when it comes to Louise.
  • I'm a bit confused as to why Jack would call David about Malcolm showing up rather than Emily or Nolan considering he isn't close to David nor does David seem all that trustworthy.
  • I like that Victoria seems to be more focused on preserving Daniel's memory than anything else and I dislike that Margaux is hell bent on destroying Emily but since she doesn't know the truth at this point it's understandable.
  • I liked that when Nolan tells Emily about how Louise had a criminal record and he didn't look at it because he wanted to respect her privacy that Emily looked at it because what she was interested in was protecting him. I just really love when Emily shows that she cares for Nolan and she usually does so by being protective of him.
  • I also really enjoy Nolan's faith in Louise being a good person who have done a few questionable things in the past and may be a bit crazy but is still someone worth sticking around for.
  • I liked Emily and Nolan teaming up to discover what is up with Lyman. I just really love anytime I see these two together.
  • I felt so bad for Louise when she hallucinated her mother during dinner and had a total freak out about it.
  • I liked that when Nolan almost gave up on Louise that Emily actually restore his faith in her but revealing that Louise's family had been drugging her in order to convince everyone that she was crazy.
  • I liked that after Margaux had driven herself crazy with her crusade about Daniel's death that Victoria told her the truth about his death but I disliked how Victoria told her about Emily being Amanda Clarke because that wasn't really necessary or her secret to tell, I also didn't like how Jack's partner over heard the whole thing either.
  • I liked that Emily and Nolan told Louise that her family had been drugging her and that she wasn't really crazy and I liked that Emily found out that Victoria sent Kate after her.
  • I liked that Jack tried to just get Malcolm arrested because that seemed a lot more sensible then the nonsense plan David had to catch him especially considering how much evidence David had on the guy.
  • I liked how Nolan pretty much told Lyman that he knew what his family was doing to Louise and to get out of her life.
  • I really don't understand why Malcolm was released other than to create more drama but I guess that'd how the law works on this show.
  • I liked how Emily mentioned that she picked up a few things because her best friend is a hacker and that's how she lured Victoria to the lighthouse.
  • I liked that Emily told Victoria that she was at fault for getting Daniel killed because she is much more at fault than Emily is because if she hadn't sent Kate after Emily then Kate never would have killed him.
  • I was very worried when Emily and Victoria were captured by Malcolm at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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