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TV Review: Agents of Shield: Ye Who Enter Here(2.09)

                                     Agents of Shield: Ye Who Enter Here(2.09)Review
  • I think that Skye's dream at the beginning of the episode is foreshadowing that Shield won't be accepting of her once her true nature is revealed and they will abandon her on at least some level and/or Skye will leave the Shield due to her fear of being abandoned.
  • It's sad that Fitz and Simmons aren't even talking to each other at all when last season they were always together now they're barely ever even in the same room as each other.
  • I think it's pretty hypocritical that team keeps call Skye's dad crazy when Coulson was acting even crazier two episodes ago and Mack was the only one that seemed even a little bit bothered by it. Also I'm shocked that the team actual told Skye the truth about meeting her dad since they seem to love keeping her in the dark about vital information about herself.
  • I think Coulson's plan to blow up an underground sea  side city is incredible stupid and can only end in complete disaster and I can't understand why everyone thinks he's a good leader since his plans are just so stupid.
  • I really loved seeing Raina and I liked how it turned out that she was using a rich older man to take care of her needs.
  • I was surprised to find out that Agent 33 was still alive since I thought that she was killed off in episode four also I'm curious about why she's still wearing May's face is the mask stuck or is their some other reason it's still on.
  • I was surprised and confused that Shield was actually keeping track of Raina and looking out for her because one Raina is an enemy that has more than proven that she's only out for herself and because Shield usually doesn't protect anyone so it's strange that a known enemy is literally the only person that they put any effort in protecting this season.
  • I think it's super hypocritical for Skye to judge and hate Ward for possibly killing his abusive family members when one for her current life goals is to murder her father that she never met and has been searching for her for her entirely life, it bothers me because Skye's dad has done nothing to her but she thinks she has the right to kill me while Ward's family abused him for the first fifteen years of his and then after not seeing him for fifteen years they try to have him kill yet somehow Skye, May and Coulson mourn those asshole and hate Ward despite knowing what monsters they are.
  • I liked how Simmons talked to Bobbi about how she felt after Fitz woke up from his coma because she hadn't talked about her feelings at all about that as of yet and I also liked that it let us know that Simmons so far just doesn't have romantic feelings for Fitz but still loves him as her best friend.
  • I'm interested in the secret that Bobbi and Mack have with each other and I'm interested in learning more about it.
  • I think that it didn't make much sense that Skye was able to hold her own against Agent 33 when Agent 33 was able to hold her own against May last time they fought and Skye has been an agent for less than a year there's no way she's anywhere close to the same level of fighter as May is.
  • I found it out of character for season 2 Skye offer Agent 33 help even if she does know she's brainwashed because the last time she encountered a brainwashed asset she murder him in cold blood and didn't feel guilty about it for even a second so while I felt bad for Agent 33 being left at Hydra's mercy once again after her fight with Skye I'm glad that Skye didn't actually help her because it wouldn't have felt in character for season 2 Skye show someone compassion.
  • I liked that Bobbi felt that Coulson's plan to blow up a city wasn't a good one because it was a really awful. I also think that Coulson's his ridiculously stupid for believing that he can blow up the city without any loss of civilian life because there's just no way.
  • I felt bad for Simmons that when she was trying to reach out to Fitz he told her that he was going to be leaving the lab and her to work with Mack in the garage.
  • I think that Skye is completely delusional for believing that Coulson is the forgiving type since he's one of the least forgiving main characters that I have ever encountered in ninety percent of shows I watch Ward would have been offered a second chance three or four episodes ago.
  • I liked that as soon as Raina found at that Hydra had the obelisk and were looking for her in order to find the city that Raina tried to screw Shield over and get caught by them in order to be able to go to the city and find out what her true nature is.
  • I think it's pretty awful that Coulson and his team know that Agent 33 is brainwashed and they not only aren't trying to help her but they are also making fun of her for having a May mask stuck on her face.
  • I liked how Raina told Skye about how they are both something a bit more than human but not alien and about how much Skye's father loves her and that his sole goal is to meet her. I also liked that we got to learn a bit more about Raina that she worked as a con before meeting Skye's father and that she so clearly cares for him and wanted to be the daughter he never got to raise but she was never good enough for him which is sad for her.
  • I found it strange that being left down in the city that Mack seemed to become possessed by it for some reason and I liked that both Fitz and Bobbi tried their hardest to reach out to him. I think it was pretty crappy of Coulson to give up on Mack as quickly as he did but it's also in character.
  • I was very concerned for Ward when everyone was aiming guns at him when he came to fetch Raina and I liked that Raina was more than happy to come with him.
  • I think that May is ridiculously stupid and unprofessional for thinking that murdering Ward is worth the lives of everyone on this plane which I believe is the lives of six Shield agents she was willing to sacrifice in the name of petty vengeance this for me is one of the main problems I have with Shield they are unable to think logically and care more about their hurt feelings than anything else. Although I did like that Lance pointed out that he wasn't okay with that because really no one should be okay with dying for some petty grudge.
  • I like to think that Skye agreed to go with Ward because she knew that he was talking about taking her to meet her father when he talked about finding a way to keep his promise to her and also because she has to know by now that he wouldn't do anything to really hurt her since he never has.
  • I liked that the end of the episode confirmed that Ward wasn't loyal to Hydra with Agent 33 telling Whitehall that Ward cancelled the order to shoot down the team's plane, I always knew that Ward was just working undercover in Hydra even if he wasn't working with anyone else outside of it but it's nice to be proven right.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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