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TV Review: Agents of Shield: One of Us(2.13)

                                            Agents of Shield: One of Us(2.13)Review
  • When Cal was describing all the horrible things that Shield has done to his ragtag group of people who are on the index I couldn't help but to feel bad for the ways they suffered since they were treated as if they were less than human and that's something that I will always think of as evil which makes me more willing to side with Cal than Coulson.
  • I think that Skye acting like everything will be normal and that she will soon be able to go back into the field and Coulson's comment about how that seems unrealistic makes me believe that Skye still really doesn't understand how Shield really works and that soon she'll have to face the reality of what Shield really is.
  • I loved that Bobbi pointed out that they're all spies therefore they all lie because everyone on this show takes lying way to personally for a spy show.
  • I like that Simmons is still shown to be upset with Fitz that he hid the truth about Skye from her and how that relates to the general distance between the two.
  • I was pretty surprised to learn that May's ex husband Andrew his a psychologist and I was even more surprised to find out that he was a good one who respected the rights for his patients more than Shield's agenda although sadly I wasn't surprised that May thought he was ridiculous for caring about his patients more than Shield.
  • Cal and his group were really very fun to watch this episode because even though they were all a bit crazy and a lot dangerous they were also all sympathetic to me and I completely understand why they would want to make Shield pay.
  • I liked that when Simmons started suggesting drugging Skye to Andrew before he even met her you could tell that he was against the idea especially since he hasn't even been able to assess her yet.
  • Skye taking having to talk with a shrink when she's clearly unstable as personal is just another thing that shows that she doesn't understand what it means to be an agent.
  • I liked how when Skye was deflect Andrew pointed out what she was doing and he was able to get her to talk about the truth what is going on with her and how she's feeling. I also liked that Andrew answered a few of her questions about May after Skye shared with him.
  • I thought it was really sad that there was this guy that hasn't spoken in years because an experiment left him with vocal cords that sent people into comas and I think it was terribly unfair of Coulson to call the guy a monster simply because he was cursed with an awful ability that has left him terribly isolated from the rest of society.
  • I liked how Carla the woman who got knives on her fingernails in order to protect herself from her abusive boyfriend said that maybe it was for the best if they just tried to forget about Shield and move on with their lives.
  • I liked that it was explained that Cal wasn't gifted or anything but rather someone who experimented on himself to make himself stronger so that he could avenge his wife and rescue his daughter from the people who have destroyed his life.
  • I liked how Skye indirectly acknowledge that she was killed people for having abilities like she now has and that she fears that one day she won't be firing the gun but be the one being shot. I liked that on some level Skye's beginning to realize how unsafe Shield is for her.
  • I liked how Andrew pointed out to Skye that May's training for control doesn't actually have her handle her emotions but rather pushing them aside waiting to explode on her the second she lets her guard down such as when she's asleep.
  • I liked that Mack tried to reach out to Lance by talking about their friendship and I find it sad that Lance can only seem to remember being lied and how he's once again being lied to by someone he considered his friend.
  • I liked that Andrew got mad at May for taking the plane up in the air without telling him when he was in session with Skye.
  • I liked that when Skye said that she could control herself in the field that Andrew rightful pointed out that she had no way of knowing if she could and I liked that he was against the idea of putting her in any potentially emotionally distressing situations.
  • I like how over the top dramatic Cal's plan to lure Coulson out his and I love that the whole point of his plan is to reveal Shield as the monsters that they are.
  • I liked that Cal told Skye that even though she rejected him once that he is more than willing to help her to discover who she really is and to accept her. I also like that while he could see that Coulson and May wouldn't kill Skye now that his whole point was that they might someday and he wanted her to see that and I think she's starting to.
  • I find it interesting that Gordon kidnapped Cal because he was making too much noise and the inhumans wanted him to keep quiet.
  • I liked that Skye seeing Coulson meet the crap out of a man on the index has he tries to surrender and beg for mercy triggered Skye to cause on earthquake because this shows she sees how Coulson is in the wrong here.
  • I think it's very concerning how Skye not only can't control her powers at all but her attempts to have led her to directing her powers inwards which is something that could someday kill her if she never learns true control.
  • I hope that Coulson having Simmons research ways to disable inhuman's abilities in secret is something that Skye discovers and this leads to her leaving and/or turning against Coulson entirely since he really deserves to face consequences for his actions.
  • I liked how Andrew recommended that Skye should leave Shield entirely because he can see how much of an unhealthy environment it is for her to stay in. I also loved how Andrew pointed out that Shield hasn't changed at all.
  • I'm very curious about this real Shield that Bobbi and Mack are apart of and I can't wait to learn more about it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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  1. I will be honest with you. I am not a Coulson basher. I think he is a great character. I am more affronted by the new SHIELD and how righteous they all are including Mac and Bobbi. I do agree that the treatment of Cal's crew at the hands of SHIELD are unfortunate to say the least and while I did find them all to be amusing, I did not sympathize with them. As much as they have suffered, it doesn't justify harming so many innocent people in their quest for revenge against SHEILD and Coulson in particular. Cal is behaving like a petulant child that had his favorite toy taken away.
    I love this show! All the characters are so interesting to me and so well developed. I particularly love Grant Ward's character, although he makes my skin crawl! I love how it all fits into the Avenger's movie universe as well. I love continuity. The stories are awesome, the writing is fantastic and I love how the plot progresses. We find answers, we're not left in the dark, but there are always more questions and more answers to seek.
    I think this is one of the best shows on television!
    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook