Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TV Review: The 100: Fog of War(2.06)

                                                     The 100: Fog of War(2.06)Review
  • I liked that Clarke and Bellamy were planning a way into Mount Weather and I liked that when Bellamy said that he'd go alone if Clarke's mom didn't sanction a mission soon that Clarke told him he wouldn't be alone.
  • I like that Clarke feels weird and uncomfortable around Finn now because what he did last episode was really scary especially since he doesn't seem to think that he has done anything wrong.
  • I liked how Clarke told Murphy that just because the counsel cleared him doesn't mean that she has.
  • I liked how Raven found out how Mount Weather was jamming their communication and I like how she went with Clarke to plan a mission to destroy it. I also liked that Clarke was able to convince Abby that their plan was for the good of everyone.
  • I liked that President Wallace refused to lock up the members of the 46 and instead said that the treatments can only go forward if they volunteered. Also I find it interesting that the original plan for the 46 was to get them in the gene pool in order to improve the health of the people of Mount Weather.
  • I'm very concerned about what plans that Dr.Sing and Cage have for the 46 if they don't comply.
  • I like that Octavia was upset that they let Finn out of the camp after what he did to the grounder village.
  • I find it very strange how Jaha is taking being locked up for days without food or water so well and I really think that Kane's response is the more normal one.
  • I think it's pretty reasonable for the grounders to want someone to pay for the village massacre I just don't feel like Kane and Jaha are the ones who should have to die because of it.
  • I think that it's perfectly reasonable for Clarke to not trust Finn and be unsure of what he would do if he was left alone considering the massacre he committed just a few days ago.
  • I really don't understand how Finn thought that he could explain away the massacre as an accident because you can't accidently kill that many people.
  • I liked how when the guards went after Bellamy and Octavia and the acid fog came and they all went to the underground garage that the guards let Bellamy and Octavia carry on with their mission of finding an entrance to Mount Weather since they saved their lives.
  • I felt really bad for Clarke being locked up alone in the bunker with Finn and the dead body of the guy who he got Clarke's dad's watch back from. I also felt bad that Finn pretty much telling Clarke what he did to get the watch back tainted the memory of her father a bit.
  • I liked that Raven found a way to listen in on Mount Weather's communications and I liked that her and Abby decided to keep the tower up in order to have a leg up on Mount Weather.
  • I liked that when Jasper tried to get the rest of the 46 to volunteer to give treatments that they refused because they're starting to distrust Mount Weather and because they all knew that Jasper throw up for three days afterwards.
  • I liked that Monty tried to convince Jasper to leave and for the two of them to go and search fro Clarke just like they were planning to.
  • I liked that Maya showed Jasper and Monty how the grounder's were locked in cages and that's where they got the blood from treatment and I liked that Maya didn't want this to happen to the 46. I also liked how when Maya said that they would die without the treatments that Monty said that is what they should do.
  • I like that Jasper finally sees that the Mount Weather people aren't good and that now he's convincing people to volunteer for the treatment in order to buy time for the 46 while they wait for Clarke and I like that both Jasper and Monty have faith that Clarke is still alive and will come.
  • I felt bad for Octavia when she found out that Lincoln was turned into a reaper and I like that Bellamy agreed to help Octavia to find away to fix Lincoln because he knows how much Lincoln means to her.
  • I liked that Kane wanted Jaha to kill him so that their people can have peace with the grounders but I also like that Jaha didn't want to accept that either of them have to die.
  • I liked how Lexa revealed herself as the Commander and I liked that she revealed that she led them to believe she wasn't anyone important in order to figure out who they really are and what their true motives are.
  • I liked that President Wallace threatened his son after he reveled that he suspected him of having to allow the containment breach to happen because it shows that he isn't as oblivious to things as Cage and Dr. Sing like to believe he is.
  • I'm concerned about how it seems that the grounders are planning to attack in two days time if the people from the Ark don't leave and since they really have nowhere to go that's not going to happen.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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