Saturday, March 21, 2015

TV Review: Revenge: Epitaph(4.11)

                                                    Revenge: Epitaph(4.11)Review
  • I couldn't help but feel bad for Victoria when she saw Daniel's dead body and then rushed towards it and held it in her arms and cried even though I haven't been a big fan of her character this season I still really felt for her here.
  • I find it a bit strange that David didn't seem more concerned for Emily and how she was handling almost being killed and instead he seemed more angry that Kate's death could piss Malcolm Black off when if Kate was still alive Emily would be dead it just seems like David should care a bit more about his daughter.
  • I thought it was messed up how they had to frame Daniel's death like he was trying to kill Emily in order to make sure that Malcolm didn't find out about Kate's death when Daniel had actually died saving Emily's life and I completely understood why this pissed Victoria off.
  • I liked that Emily had a bit of trouble in answering the questions about Daniel's death because this proves that at one point she did care for him at least a little bit.
  • I'm glad that things between David and Victoria are pretty much ending because they really don't work for me as a couple and they never have.
  • I liked that Jack told Emily how she didn't have to keep answering all the questions all night and it was okay if she need sometime to process what happens because it only makes her human to need a bit of time and doesn't make her look suspicious.
  • I liked that Nolan had stayed up all night to ensure that it looked like Kate had left town and went to Miami.
  • I liked that when Louise came to Nolan all upset about Daniel's death that he was a bit confused by why she was so upset about it but comforted her none the less.
  • I liked that both Emily and Victoria were pissed at David for making them spend time together and I kind of liked that Emily was in charge of watching Victoria and making sure that she didn't reveal the truth.
  • I liked that Margaux sought Victoria out and that the two of them found some comfort in each other. I liked that Margaux wanted to uncover the truth about Daniel's death and was a bit sad that Victoria couldn't tell her because I feel like she has a right to know about it.
  • I liked that Jack was feeling guilty about killing Kate even though he did so in order to save Emily's life and I liked that Nolan was there to provide him some emotional support but also keep him on track with completing the task at hand.
  • I liked that Louise baked a pie for Victoria and came over to offer her comfort over Daniel's death. I didn't like how Victoria used Louise in order to steal evidence that she was the one that led Kate to Emily though.
  • I really hated how Victoria and Margaux made sure that Emily couldn't go to Daniel's funeral because he would have wanted her there because all he ever really wanted was to have meant something to Emily and he did die so that she could leave so I feel that it was disrespectful to Daniel not to allow Emily to come. I like that Emily did want to come and that she knew he would want her there.
  • I liked that David told Emily that he planned to kill Victoria and that Emily was surprised by this.
  • I'm glad that it turned out that Malcolm wasn't really dead because having him die before we ever even met him felt pretty anticlimactic.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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