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TV Review: Agents of Shield: What They Become(2.10)

                               Agents of Shield: What They Become(2.10)Review
  • I'm glad that Coulson at least told May that killing Ward and ensuring everyone's on the plane's death was a bad idea even if I felt it wasn't exactly said for the right reasons.
  • I like and was surprised that the team was still thinking of ways to maybe save Mack considering how Coulson was so eager to ditch him last episode but I feel like it was mostly Fitz, Simmons and Bobbi that were determined to find him not Coulson so I guess it makes sense.
  • I liked that Lance asked Bobbi how she was doing and I liked how Bobbi admitted that after the mission was done she would probably cry for like a week it's nice to see someone allow themselves to be vulnerable on this show this season. I also liked that Lance spotted Bobbi hiding a flash drive from him but decided to trust her and not pry about what was on it.
  • I really disliked how Coulson said that the reason that Skye was an agent  was solely because of May because Skye had her hacking skills long before she met anyone on the team and that was the original reason she was even allowed on the team and that had nothing to do with May. Then there's also the fact that Ward trained Skye throughout season 1 he was the reason she was able to earn her badge and he was the one that was able to convince Skye to take things seriously and ironically make her believe that Shield were the good guys once again everything that Skye achieved in season 1 wasn't because of May it was because Skye put the effort in herself and because Ward trained her well. But the thing that May can take the blame for is the cruel mindless obedient Skye who seems to be incapable of compassion, friendship or any emotion other than hate so I guess I'm okay with the showing telling me to blame May for season 2 Skye's unhealthy lifestyle but I hate the show trying to give May credit for Skye's skills as an agent.
  • I really don't understand why Ward believes that Skye has good self control because her self control is awful she is extremely unprofessional and hateful in pretty much every interaction she has with an enemy the only explanation I can think of is love is blind. On a side note I really liked that Ward complimented Skye's skills even if her self control is pretty much non-existent.
  • I'm really confused as to why Skye can't figure out that Ward was bringing her to meet her father considering that he told her that he was keeping his promise to her.
  • I was worried about Ward when he was telling Skye he wasn't loyal to Hydra while walking through a hallway filled with Hydra soldiers because you'd think they would kill him for being disloyal to Hydra.
  • I liked how Skye's dad was so happy to meet her and how he tells her that he wished that they could have met under different happier circumstances and how he had been dreaming of this day of years. I also liked that he didn't lie to her about the bad things that he had done. I also liked that he told us that his name was Cal because it's nice to have a name to call him.
  • I was disappointed and sad that Skye was completely dismissive and hateful of her father who clearly loves her simply because she had been searching for her parents her whole life and she decides to give up her chance of having a relationship with her father just because he isn't who she imagined him to be or because Coulson wouldn't approve, it's just sad to see how easily and how much she's given up on the things she use to want for Coulson's approval.
  • I liked how Bobbi and Lance spied on the Hydra guys and had make out in order to throw them off.
  • I liked that Cal told Skye about who took her mom and her way from him and how Whitehall experimented on her mother then killed her and that he was now going to avenge her. I also liked that Cal explained that her mother had a gift that didn't hurt anyone. I also liked that Skye was sad to hear what happened to her mother because it shows that she is at least able to care about non-shield related things.
  • I liked that Whitehall was able to figure out just about everything about everyone's true motives for being here expect Ward because it's nice to have a fairly smart villain.
  • I liked that Raina pointed out that Ward's motive was clearly his love for Skye because I liked that Raina sees that his love is the most obvious thing in the world because it's really obvious and the only reason that Skye and the rest of team can't see that is because their heads and hearts are so filled with hate that they can't see anything positive anymore.
  • I'm glad that Skye actually heard Whitehall say that Ward tried to protect the team and went against his orders because she really needs to see that Ward isn't loyal to Hydra and never was.
  • It really continues to concern me how easy killing people is for Skye since she used the obelisk to kill several guys like it was nothing once again this show really needs to address at some point why it's so easy for her because unlike the rest of the field agents on this show killing is new for her and not something that she's been properly trained to handle so they need to show her processing it someday.
  • I liked that as soon as Skye was in danger that Ward blew his cover completely in order to try and protect her.
  • I was so terrified when Whitehall threatened to brainwash Ward and I was so concerned with how Ward didn't seem to take this threat seriously because he has no idea if he can withstand machine brainwashing and we all know that he was real world brainwashed so I don't know how good that makes his chances of resisting machine brainwashing but luckily he didn't get brainwashed so I was worried for no real reason. I also liked that Skye seemed upset at the idea of Ward being brainwashed.
  • I liked when Agent 33 said that she was only loyal to Whitehall and that he gave her life purpose that Ward connected her relationship with Whitehall with his relationship with Garrett and he told her how he was loyal to a guy once and he went completely insane. I also liked that Ward seemed more concerned than anything else that Agent 33 was wearing May's face unlike everyone else on the show who had treated it like a joke.
  • It was super creepy when Whitehall was telling Skye about what he did to her mother while touching her knee and telling her that he had similar plans for her. I also liked that Ward struggled against his bonds at that point because he wanted to protect her.
  • I liked that Ward distracted the guards a bit when he saw that Cal was close to get himself free and I liked how he tried to convince Cal to let him go but Cal apparently didn't want to for reasons with Skye it was because he didn't want her to witness the violence he planned to inflict on Whitehall but I'm really unsure about why he wouldn't help Ward.
  • I was sad for Cal that he didn't get to kill Whitehall because he had been planning to for so long but I like that for once Coulson actually wasn't trying to be asshole when he killed Whitehall but I do get why Cal hated him for it. Also I find it kind of pathetic that Coulson pretty much killed the big bad of the season pretty much by accident.
  • I felt bad for Agent 33 when she found Whitehall's dead body because she was dependent on him and now he's gone and she's lost.
  • I liked Lance's line about how joining Shield allows you to travel meet interesting people and kill them, I just found the line funny.
  • I thought it was very nice of Ward to release Skye from her bonds after he somehow escaped his and I liked that he apologized for how things didn't go as planned and that he was going to do his best to get her out of there safely and was even looking out for her to see if the coast was clear this was all really great of him sadly Skye didn't appreciate any of these things.
  • I really hated that Skye shot Ward first because I love Ward, second he didn't deserve to be shot because he wasn't a threat to her and was actively trying to help her when she shot him, and finally because it was stupid of her she was surround by enemies and she could clearly hear lots of gun fighting and she had no way of knowing who the second party was it could have easily been someone like the FBI or something  that would kill a Shield agent just as quickly as the would kill Hydra agent therefore trying to kill the only sure ally you have is a dangerous move because she easily could become out numbered and get herself killed. I do like that with Skye shooting Ward it means that she no longer as the illusion of the moral high ground to stand on since she's actually hurt Ward way worse than he's ever hurt her. Also I say illusion because Skye lost the moral high ground when she told Ward that he should have tried harder to kill himself.
  • I find it a bit sad but I also like that Ward doesn't look mad that Skye shot him but just emotionally hurt by it as well as physically hurt because I don't want him to be hateful and I don't think he's going to be.
  • I'm glad that Skye didn't end up kill her father and I liked how Cal told her that she was going to change and that no one would understand her anymore because Skye being different will hopefully mean that she'll no longer feel safe with Shield and then she will leave and be able to regain her agency that she lost between seasons. Also Skye's birth name being Daisy means nothing to me because I don't read the comics and I hope she never goes by it because I don't think it suits her.
  • I find it extremely disturbing that Skye cried and said she was sorry to Coulson because she couldn't murder her father it's just so fucked up that she believes it's a bad thing that she can't murder a man that has done nothing but loved her. This is just another thing that goes to show how bad Coulson is for her because her relationship with him makes her believe she has to murder people in cold blood in order to gain his approval.
  • I liked how Agent 33 went to find Ward after finding Whitehall dead because she remembered their earlier conversation and that he would be able to help her with what she is suppose to do now that Whitehall's gone because he went through something similar.
  • I liked that when Agent 33 approaches Ward tells him that Whitehall's dead that the first thing Ward does isn't to ask for help for the gunshot wound that is currently bleeding out of his side but to tell her that she's free now because to him the most important thing for Agent 33 to know was that Whitehall being dead is actually a good thing even if it doesn't feel that way right now her getting her knowing she's free now is more important to Ward than his own life. I just love Ward so much being able to show compassion for someone he barely knows as he lies there nearly dying he honestly is the character that I still think is the most heroic on the entire show because he cares about other people more than himself.
  • I really love that Ward and Agent 33 agreed to help each other figure things out and walked out of the place before things got even more chaotic. I'm really excited for this relationship because these two really deserve the chance figure out how to live their lives for themselves and I like that their treating each other like human beings unlike the way every single other character in the show has treated them.
  • I liked that at some point Raina snuck off with the obelisk to go find the city and get the powers that she had always long for.
  • I think that it was a really bad idea for Skye to follow Raina into the city despite knowing that the team were planning to blow it up soon.
  • I liked that Trip went back down into the city to disable all the bombs by hand in order to make sure that Skye wouldn't die for running into the city and I liked that he was able to succeed.
  • I really adored how happy Raina was to find out what she will become and I'm really curious to find out what that is as well.
  • I was sad that Trip died but I never really got that emotional attached to his character because the show never really gave him much to work with so I didn't cry or anything.
  • It seems that Skye has earthquake powers this can only lead to her killing a ton of people because like I said earlier Skye has terrible self control and those kind of powers are super destructive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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