Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review: Love, Rosie

                                                           Love, Rosie Review
Love, Rosie is a book told through letters, notes, emails, text and instant messaging about two friends Rosie and Alex who have known each other for forever and both have had feelings for each other since about their teens but are unable to get together for various. The characters in this book are pretty likable and the relationship between Rosie and Alex is great and makes you wish that they would just get together already since it's painfully obvious for most of the book that they both want to.

This book while it has plenty of cute moments and likable characters is also very frustrating since there is really no good reason why Rosie and Alex can't be together other than the universe hates Rosie and seems to think that it's sole purpose is to make her miserable. Rosie is a character that I felt really bad for through out the book because she basically makes one stupid mistake when she's eighteen and pays for it until she's in her fifty's. She is unable to fulfill her dreams several times through out the book and she has to settle for a relationship with a man that she just kind of likes that ends up cheating on her multiple times and she is forced to give up careers opportunities in order to make other people happy. I'm actually pretty sure that Rosie suffers at least three spells of depression through out the book and no one really seems to take it seriously which kind of bothered me. Anyways I felt like Rosie's life was really unfair to her and I felt the happy ending came much to late for me to be satisfied with it.

Overall this book had it's enjoyable moments, likable characters and an interesting writing style to it but I felt like the ending took too much time to come and I felt Rosie's life was far to miserable for a story that was suppose to be seen as lighthearted. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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