Saturday, March 21, 2015

Anime Review: Hyouka: The Activities of the Esteemed Classic Literature Club(1.02)

                Hyouka: The Activities of the Esteemed Classic Literature Club(1.02)Review
This episode starts a few weeks after the last one Hotaro and Chitanda had been going to the classics club most days after school despite Hotaro feeling like he has been spending more time there than he would like. Chitanda purposes that they should make an anthology for the upcoming festival Hotaro at first rejects the idea because it sounds like too much work but Chitanda points out that it's a tradition for the club so he agrees to it. Chitanda and Hotaro then look for the past anthology to use as an example and when they can find none in the club room they go to the library to find them.

At the front desk of the library Mayaka Ibara is working there she had went to middle school with Hotaro and Satoshi she dislikes and has had a crush on Satoshi for quite sometime. Mayaka ends up informing Chitanda and Hotaro that they will have to wait for the Librarian to return from a meeting before they can look for the anthologies in the archives. Mayaka and Satoshi than start to tell the story of the mystery of the book that is returned at the same exact time each week, Chitanda is very interested in the story and Hotaro isn't interested at all. Hotaro ends up working out the mystery of the book because it is what will satisfy Chitanda curiosity.

The book ended up being used for a prop in a painting class and everyone was very impressed that Hotaro solved the mystery but he did care about or understand why they were impressed by this. The Librarian ends up telling the club that there aren't any anthologies in the archives. On Sunday Chitanda calls Hotaro and asks him to meet with her that day and he ends up agreeing to despite not really wanting to and she reveals that she has something that she wants to confess to him.

Overall I thought this episode was enjoyable and I liked learning more about the characters and seeing them interact with each other. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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