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TV Review: Scream: Do You Wanna Play a Game?(1.03)

                              Scream: Do You Wanna Play a Game?(1.03)Review
  • I liked that this episode with started showing the deaths of Brandon James first two victims.
  • I liked that Noah said that regardless of whether or not the person behind the mask was inspired by Brandon James the most important question is who's next because no one dresses up in a mask and kills someone just once.
  • I liked that Emma overheard her mom and the Sheriff talking and found out that her mom is keeping quite a lot from her such as a heart being sent their house and that for some reason the Sheriff is looking for her dad. I find it a bit scary that the killer sent her a taunting text about whether or not she had a heart to heart with her mom right after she overheard that conversation.
  • Even though I don't like Brooke's relationship with Mr.Branson I did have to agree with her that having cybersex really isn't what she was asking him to do last episode and is just really not how these kind of relationship works if you're going to do something wrong you should at least go all the way.
  • I liked that Emma went to tell Audrey that Rachel hadn't killed herself but was instead murder because she wanted Audrey to hear it from her first.
  • I think that scheme that Will and Jake were involved along with Tyler probably had something to do with selling videos or access to certain girls web cams based on what we know so far which makes them gross rather then scary but I also think it's still possible for either one of them to the killer as well.
  • I liked that Audrey figured out that Emma knew more about Rachel's death then she was letting on and I liked that Emma told Audrey everything about the guy that was calling her. I liked that Audrey convinced Emma to ask the killer why he had killed Rachel by texting him back.
  • I thought that the moment between Emma and Will in the hallway about a fun day that at the beach awhile ago it was cute and it shows that there was a time when they were really happy together.
  • I thought it was kind of funny how Mr. Branson spent his class looking for Brooke's naughty picture while trying to look causal about the whole thing.
  • I liked that after Emma tells Kieran that she wanted to go over the old Brandon James files that he offers to bring them over to her house so that she could go over them although I did find it a bit strange that Kieran told her that she couldn't come over to his house.
  • I liked that Noah wanted to do The Exorcist for the scene reenactment project with Riley and then she tells him that she thinks that they should do something more romantic. I also liked that Noah tells Riley that he meant to call after the other night but he hadn't but if he had he would have told her that he would like to hang out with her in a romantic way.
  • I liked that Emma found out that her mom was the girl that Brandon James was obsessed with because that's something that I think she would need to know so I'm glad that this plot isn't being dragged out.
  • I liked how Jake pointed out to Brooke that while she may think that she is the one that's in control of her relationship with her older boyfriend that may not be true, I liked this because I think that Brooke should be more careful in her relationship Mr. Banson and this statement may make her think differently about their relationship than she has so far.
  • I liked how Noah surprised Riley with a date at the store he worked at that had three screens set up with video games and I liked how Riley responded with telling Noah he gets her and kissing him, these two are just so cute together.
  • I found it interesting that the Killer told Emma that the reason that he's harassing her is because he wants her to trust him and I liked that Emma pointed out that she has no reason to trust although the killer did make a good point by pointing out that he's the only one telling her the truth. I'm glad that in the end she told the killer that she didn't want to play games with him anymore.
  • Although I didn't like the text interrupting Noah and Riley's date I liked that as soon as Riley got a text from Tyler asking for her to help that she drops everything to help him because she believes he's innocent and all she wants to do is help out her friend.
  • I liked how Brooke mentioned that Tyler texted her too and that she told him to turn himself in.
  • I liked that when Emma heard that Tyler had texted all of her friends that she suspected that it was killer actually doing the texting and that she told them all about the killer calling and texting her.
  • I'm glad that in the end the group convinced Riley to go to the cops and have them help her help Tyler although considering what happened with the Brandon James case I can understand why Riley is wary of having the police help her contact her friend who's a possible killer.
  • I liked that the police didn't actually use Riley as bait to draw out Tyler but instead used an officer that looked similar to her.
  • I wasn't surprised to find out that killer didn't actually show up and that the whole thing was an elaborate scheme to get pretty much all the cops away from the police station.
  • I liked how Riley told Emma that she was a bit worried about how she left things with Noah since she just kind of left after she got the text from Tyler.
  • I'm thinking that the hook up she was suppose to have with Mr. Branson in hotel room with all the kinky stuff was probably something that was set up by the killer especially since he never actually showed up.
  • I liked that after Emma realized that Brooke had left the station that she and her mom went looking for her since she was so worried that something might have happened to her.
  • I liked that when the killer asked Emma to choose between her two friends that she told him that she wouldn't do that. Although she accidently sort of did because she believed that as long as Riley was at the police station she would be safe so she told the killer not to hurt Brooke and he took that as her choosing between the two but either way the whole thing wasn't her fault.
  • I think it's so sad that the killer was able to lure Riley outside by making her think that she was helping her friend and then he took that opportunity when all she was trying to do was help her friend and she got killed for that.
  • I thought it was really sad when as she was dying Riley got a Skype call from Noah which she answered and how she ends up dying while on the phone with him and dies telling him about how she can see their stars.
  • I found Emma discovering Riley's body and the fact that she did accidently choose to be really sad.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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