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TV Review: Scream: Hello Emma(1.02)

                                               Scream: Hello Emma(1.02)Review
  • I felt really bad for Rachel when at the beginning of the episodes the comments on the video made her so upset that she cut herself.
  • I thought that it was especially awful of the killer to trick Rachel into thinking she was talking to Audrey on the phone only to lure her outside to a noose and then killer by putting her in the noose. I also felt that the making it look a suicide thing was pretty awful because it allowed for the possibility that no one may ever know that there is someone that needs to be brought to justice for her death.
  • I liked how when Emma brought up the phone call she got at the end of last episode and mentioned that the guy said that they pretend to have perfect lives on instagram and facebook that Brooke said that who ever called her must be old because no one uses facebook anymore which is very true.
  • I liked that Brooke told Emma that she was sorry about putting her on the spot about Will and Nina and I liked that Emma told her that she should've told when she first found out about and I liked that Brooke agreed with her but also pointed out that she only didn't because she was afraid to get on Nina's bad side. I like that it appears that Brooke truly cares about Emma and that she didn't just bring up Will and Nina's thing last episode to cause drama but because she actually cares about her and thinks she has a right to know about it and I'm glad that the two girls made up.
  • I liked how Noah corrected Sheriff Hudson when he called Brandon James a serial killer when he was in fact a mass murder since all his crimes were committed on the same night.
  • I like that Noah says that he draws the line at victim stalking even though Sheriff Hudson mentions that Emma's doesn't live in town anymore I really do believe that he means it when he says that he wouldn't victim stalk because the scene clearly states that Noah's been obsessed with Brandon James for years and last episode made it seem like Emma's dad hadn't moved away that long ago more like a year rather or so rather many years ago.
  • I liked how Noah thanked Kieran for saving his life last episode as he was leaving Sheriff Hudson's office.
  • I liked that Will came to the conclusion that he should give Emma a heartfelt apology because she really does deserve one from him.
  • I like how the crime podcast by Piper Shaw is something that is heard and talked about throughout the episode and I liked that both Noah and Riley mention that they are big fans of it.
  • I liked that when Audrey told Piper that "Nina was a stone cold bitch and got exactly what she deserved" that Noah made sure that Piper wouldn't quote her on that statement because he knew that would just end up getting her in trouble.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Noah got his revenge on Jake for stranding him in middle of the lake last episode by misspelling douche on his car in red paint.
  • I was a bit worried about Noah when Jake threatened him by pushing up against a pillar and saying that if he did anything to mess with him again he'll kill him.
  • I disliked that Will decided to just tell Emma how the whole thing was all Nina's fault rather than just tell her he's sorry for cheating on her but I did like that Kieran was able to get Will to leave Emma alone.
  • I thought it was creepy how the killer sent a picture of himself with Nina's dead body out to everyone.
  • I liked how Noah and Riley kind of flirted with each other and I liked that Riley pretty much asked Noah out and at first he didn't realize what she was suggesting to him but then he did and awkwardly and excitedly agreed to the date. I also like that Noah says to himself after the exchange that he has no game and he really doesn't but that just makes him all the more lovable.
  • I liked how Noah explained why the killer would feel the need to take a murder selfie and that would be because he wants an audience for his work just like everyone else does now a days for everything they do.
  • I felt really bad for Audrey when she was told that Rachel had killed herself and while I liked that Emma tried to comfort her and I also liked that Audrey blamed her for Rachel's death because if it was suicide she would be right to blame her.
  • I liked that after class that Noah went to Audrey to comfort her and give her bag before she went home for the day.
  • I was worried about Emma when she stuck in the ally with some creepy guy and I'm glad that she eventually ran out of the ally and away from the guy I think she should have left earlier than she did.
  • I'm glad that Emma finds Will getting a text from her that she didn't send to him to be suspicious.
  • I'm glad that Will finally said that he was sorry to Emma but it didn't feel all that heartfelt to me but I'm unsure if that's an acting probably or if it's on propose.
  • I like that while Emma mostly forgives Will she's still unsure about whether or not she can trust him and I like that she mentions that she kissed Kieran last episode so that it can't cause problems for her later on.
  • I like that Emma is shown feeling really guilty about Rachel's death and the part that she may have played in it and I liked that she told her mom about it because that shows that it's not just because she wants Audrey to forgive her but because she really does feel guilty about the whole thing.
  • I'm glad that the police suspect that Rachel's death was in fact murder because I want justice to be served for her.
  • I like that when Emma and Brooke are watching the basketball game that Brooke makes it clear that she finds the whole thing stupid and boring.
  • I like that Noah asks Audrey if she wants him to film the game highlights for her but that she says that she wants to do it because she needs the distraction. I also liked that when Noah gets a text from Riley that Audrey tells him to go ahead and met her and she will be fine without him.
  • I was a bit worried about Noah when he came onto the empty football field and so I was happy and relieved to find out that Riley was actually the one who sent him the text.
  • The way that Kieran talks about Will makes me suspicious of both Will and Kieran because while what he says about Will could very well be true how detailed his ideas was makes me think that this is something that he himself may have done before.
  • I like that Noah and Riley talk about whether or not people watch genre movies or tv shows for the romance and I like how Riley mentions that she does even though Noah clearly thinks no one does that. I really like their scenes together because their just so cute and sweet.
  • I liked how when Riley asks Noah if he's a virgin that he awkwardly tells her he's a man slut in a way that you can totally tell that he's lying and I like that Riley cuts him off by kissing him.
  • I liked how Emma told Audrey that she takes full responsibility for Rachel's death because she should have stopped the video from being released.
  • I liked how the killer started off his conversation with Emma as if he was a guy from the home security agency just trying to comfort her but at the same time he was messing with her and waiting for just the right moment to reveal that he's the killer.
  • The fact that the killer seems so fixated on Emma and that he calls her mother a whore is something that makes me think that the killer must have some connection to the Brandon James case since there's so much focus from the killers point of view how Emma remains him of her mother at his age and that he's only shown really taunting the two of them which really changes who my suspects would be for who the killer is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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