Thursday, July 9, 2015

Movie Review: Parked

                                                               Parked Review
Parked is about a man named Fred(Colin Meaney) who has to live in his car due to being unable to afford somewhere else to live as well as being unable to qualify for assistance. Fred lives a quiet isolated life while living in the car park until he meets Cathal(Colin Morgan) a younger man who also lives out of his car and is  addicted to heroin. Fred and Cathal end up forming an unlikely friendship due to their similar living situation and through that friendship Cathal is able to show Fred a new way to look at his life which leads to Fred having a more optimistic outlook on life and Fred becomes someone who cares for and tries to look out for Cathal.

Fred ends up meeting a woman named Jules by chance at the local health club and the two clearly show an interest in each other but Fred is unwilling to pursue a relationship with her because he doesn't want her to find out that he lives out of his car. Eventually Fred decides to take a chance with Jules after quite a bit of encouragement from Cathal but things don't go exactly as plan. In the later part of the film Fred finds a way to get the assistance he needs but will have to give up his pride in order to get it and Cathal's problems with drugs and drug dealers worsen despite the fact that he has promised to quit several times during the film it seems that he just isn't able to.

This film was mostly focused on the characters of Fred and Cathal and that worked very well for this film since both characters are interesting as are their circumstances which made for a good plot for this film. The acting was overall great but when it comes to Colin Morgan I kind of expect that his performance will be great in whatever he's in. Overall I thought that this was a good film that focused on it's characters very well. Please tell me your thoughts on the film.

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