Saturday, July 18, 2015

Book Review: Rebel Belle

                                                             Rebel Belle Review
Rebel Belle is about a southern belle named Harper Price who is very involved in all areas of it school whether it be as a leader of an academic club, class president or as head cheerleader Harper's the go to girl and one of the top students in her class. Harper believes that her life is practically perfect until the night of homecoming when after witnessing a janitor dying she receives mysterious powers that make her a paladin a sort of knight that is bound to protect a certain person or place and the story goes from there with Harper discover and accepting her new abilities and finding out what she is destined to protect.

It turns out that Harper is destined to protect her long time rival David Stark a snarky boy who runs the school newspaper and is her only real competition for the spot of top student. The two of them are forced to work together through out the book do to supernatural forces and over the course of the book their banter with each other becomes a lot less hostile but no less entraining for the reader. Harper and David face several near death experiences with each other which leads to them developing a certain respect for each other and trust in each other and along the way they become friends and then start to developing feelings for each other that are more than friendly.

The characters Harper and David and their relationship with each other is what really makes this book for me with how driven and witty the two of them are about their goals and the fact that they are so similar when it comes to the core of who they are but are so different in the way that they present themselves is something that makes their dynamic really fun to read. The mythology and plot of this book is different from any I read before but still really easy to follow which is something that I always consider a good thing. Overall I thought that this book was really fun and had two great lead characters. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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