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TV Review: Scream: Pilot(1.01)

                                                       Scream: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I felt bad for Audrey when the show opened with a video of her making out with another girl going viral on youtube.
  • I think that it was pretty awful of Nina to be the one that put the video of Audrey and the girl online pretty much just to hurt Audrey for no other reason than she can.
  • Once Nina started getting texts of videos of herself doing things inside her house I didn't understand why she decided to just go into the hot tub rather than try to call the cops or something. I guess it could be because she thought Tyler was the one behind the stalking text so she was more annoyed than scared but still.
  • I liked that joke about how when Nina tried to call the cops she accidently called Pottery Barn because voiced activated things are just completely unreliable and in cases like this down right dangerous.
  • While I didn't care for Nina since we aren't suppose to I still felt bad for her when her boyfriend's head was thrown into her hot tub and then she murdered.
  • I actually found the scene between Emma and Will kind of cute when they were having an early morning study session together before school.
  • I liked how Emma was supportive of the idea of her mom moving on from her dad although her mom doesn't seem to be interested in moving on anytime soon.
  • I liked the way that the show introduced us to Noah and Noah and Audrey's friendship I really enjoyed both the character and the dynamic right away with how it the scene started off as fun and then became heartfelt by the end of it.
  • I liked that Emma felt bad that the video that she and her friends all had a hand in recording outed Audrey before she was ready but I kind of dislike the whole group a bit because they were part of the video being recorded.
  • I liked how the show poked a bit of fun at itself by having Noah say that you can't make a tv show a slasher because tv needs to dragging things out and once someone dies in a slasher film a whole lot of other people follow rather quickly.
  • I liked that Noah said that he didn't feel grief about Nina's death just shock and mild interest.
  • I find it interesting that Emma's father was stabbed by Brandon James a serial killer from 20 years ago who killed a bunch of high schoolers.
  • I like how Noah admits that he's obsessed with serial killers even though that's something that should make him at least a bit creepy and that his favorite his Brandon James who was deformed and therefore rejected by all of society except his older brother and then fell in love with a girl and snapped after she reject him and went on a killing spree that ended in his death.
  • I like that Emma invites Audrey to the party even though it's just because she feels guilty I still like that she did it because it shows that she at least feels bad about the video unlike all of her other friends.
  • While I think the conversation between Will and Jake sound really suspicious I think that they're probably not the killers because they seem to believe that Tyler killed Nina and they just don't want to have any connection to Nina that could make it look like they were in on it with him well Will doesn't Jake doesn't seem too concerned.
  • I really don't like that Brooke is dating or at least sleeping with her English teacher but at least it didn't get much screen time.
  • I find it interesting that Emma's mom is the girl that Brandon James was obsessed with and I find it frightening that someone is sending her a package with a heart in it even if the heart wasn't human.
  • I like that it was brought up that Emma and Audrey use to be friends and I really would like them to be friends again because I really like their scene by the pool together they seemed to get along very nicely.
  • I liked how Noah and Riley started bonding over them both being interested in a space program.
  • I wasn't really all that surprised to learn that Will cheated on Emma with Nina but I did feel bad for Emma.
  • I liked how Noah kept talking about how things would work if they were in a slasher movie and I liked that Riley was totally into it.
  • I find it very suspicious and creepy how Will showed up to threaten Brooke to not interfere with his relationship with Emma again right after the lights didn't work in the garage and the one car was on and Brooke was really scared by the whole thing.
  • I enjoyed the scene between Emma and Kieran but I don't really have a whole lot to say about other than they seemed to connect in that scene.
  • I felt bad for Noah when he was stranded on a dock in the middle of the lake and that he had swim through the lake(which Brandon James apparently died in) to get back to shore. I was scared for him when it looked like someone was trying to pull him under luckily he was okay.
  • I liked that Audrey was concerned for Noah when she saw him come out of the lake and I liked that she sarcastically said that Emma had nice friends because they really aren't.
  • I thought the scene between Audrey and her girlfriend was pretty sweet.
  • I liked how Noah pointed out that everyone's a suspect now that the police suspect that Tyler isn't the one that killed Nina and that since he's smart and obsessed with serial killers that puts him at the top of the suspects list although him being on the top of the list makes me think that he probably isn't the killer since someone like him being the killer would be obvious and cliché.
  • I liked how Noah tells Riley the most important part of slasher movie is that you care about the characters before they die and I think this show is doing alright since  I care about quite a few of the characters already although not for the reasons that Noah suggested that I should care.
  • While I'm glad that Emma was honest with Audrey about the video I was also glad that Audrey pretty much hates her for it because her allowing something like that to get posted was a pretty crappy thing to do.
  • I find it interesting that the killer seems to want to revel all the flaws in Emma's life that seems perfect I'm also scared for Emma that the killer seems fixated on her.
  • That last shot with Noah wiping what looks like blood on his forehead looks really suspicious but it's also really obvious so I don't think it's a hint that he's the killer.
Please tell me your thoughts in this episode.

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