Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review: After Dark

                                                          After Dark Review
After Dark is about what happens in Tokyo one night. The character that we follow the most closely is Mari Asai an intelligent young woman who doesn't want to go home or go to sleep due to reasons that remain a mystery for most of the novel throughout the night she reencounters Takashashi who is the same age as her older sister and had an interest in her. Mari is later asked to help out a manger of a love hotel after a Chinese prostitute is beaten and robbed since Mari is the only person they could find that speaks the language.

Another plot thread of this novel is about Mari's sister Eri who has been sleeping for a very long time and isn't showing any signs of waking up anytime soon. Throughout the book it's implied that something very odd is happening in Eri's room as she sleeps with how it seems she taken elsewhere in a her sleep with no escape but also seems to end up right back where she started with no signs that anything had changed throughout the life.

The characters and their interactions with each other were what really made this book so interesting to read since this was novel that focused on it's character rather than a plot. This book showed a different side of things with having it be set in the middle of the night the time when most people are sleeping which made things interesting. This book was written in a way that it almost felt like reading a screenplay at times since the scenes were described as being seen through a camera and there was very little insight into what a character was thinking if they hadn't said anything out loud.

Overall I found this book to be good but also very different from most of the books that I usually read. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

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