Thursday, July 9, 2015

TV Review: The 100: Long Into an Abyss(2.07)

                                               The 100: Long Into an Abyss(2.07)Review
  • I think it's awful that the Mount Weather people are testing how well the treatment using the 47 blood works by putting their people outside and testing how long they can survive out there. I liked that Cage at least consider letting the girl in because she was suffering and is one of their own but I disliked that he values secrets more than that girls life.
  • I liked that despite Jaha coming back and saying that the only way to save their people is to abandon camp that Abby still wanted to consider all their options both because she was unsure if their people could find somewhere new to live and because she didn't want to abandon the 47 trap at Mount Weather.
  • I liked that how when Jaha and Abby were telling the people that they might have to leave because of the grounders threat to attack that Clarke spoke up and mentioned how they had to save their people from Mount Weather.
  • I'm glad that Finn seems to have figured out that what he did at the grounder village is something that is causing everyone problems although I think he should have figured that out sooner.
  • I liked that Bellamy went to Clarke for help in how to find away to cure Lincoln of what the Mount Weather people had done to him and I liked that Clarke's realization that the Mountain Men were creating reapers made her even more worried about what could be happening to her own people.
  • I felt bad for Octavia who was clearly worn out both physically and emotionally from having to watch Lincoln suffer under the effects of the reaper drug withdrawal.
  • I liked that Jasper, Monty, Miller and Harper banded together to figure out what the real truth was about what really happen to their people and to try and figure out how they could possibly escape the place.
  • I liked that Miller's father a guard told Abby that him and the rest of the parents who had kids trapped in Mount Weather would rather take their chances with grounders rather than leave their children to die.
  • I really don't like that the Mount Weather scientist lady has figured out that the only way that the Mount Weather people can survive outside is by using the 47 bone marrow which considering how many people would need the treatment will leave all of the 47 dead.
  • I liked how Bellamy tried to reassure Octavia that Lincoln would be fine but I also liked that Octavia told him that he can't protect her from this.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Clarke that her mom would be proud of her for trying to save Lincoln but I also liked that Clarke told him her mom would find away to save him.
  • I liked how Clarke came up with the idea that if they can find away to save someone from being reaper that they can use to prevent a war with the grounders.
  • I like that Clarke believes that both Lincoln and Finn can be saved and can came back from the things they've done even though I'm not a fan of Finn I like that Clarke believes in saving people in all ways.
  • I'm glad that Monty discovered that people from the Ark survived and are now on the ground and that he found the map of Mount Weather so he can figure out if there's a way that they can escape.
  • I liked that Abby took Clarke's side and agreed to take a chance and find a way to save Lincoln in order to make peace with the grounders.
  • I liked that the guards decided to listen to Abby over Jaha when it came to who would be arrested.
  • I liked that Clarke met with Lexa alone and was able to make a deal with her despite the fact that most everyone at the camp was looking to spill her blood. I just enjoyed seeing Clarke hold her own so well against Lexa and all the other grounders.
  • I liked that President Wallace refused to go through with using the 47 bone marrow so that his people could live on the outside.
  • I was relieved that Abby was able to save Lincoln just in time in order to prevent a war from breaking out with the grounders.
  • I find it sad that Miller believes that his dad is ashamed to have a thief as a son when in actuality he still loves Miller and is willing to fight and die for a chance to see him again.
  • I felt so bad for Harper when it was revealed that Cage and the Science lady were going through with the plans to use the 47's bone marrow despite the fact that President Wallace rejected the idea.
  • I think it's perfectly fair of Lexa to demand that Finn dies in order to pay for his crimes of slaughtering a village of her people especially since he wasn't punished at all by his own people and blood for blood is the way that the grounders deal with punishing people for their crimes.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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