Thursday, October 8, 2015

TV Review: The 100: Spacewalker(2.08)

                                               The 100: Spacewalker(2.08)Review
  • I liked how it seemed that Bellamy was taking on a leadership role when it came with dealing with grounders with how he told the rest when to hold their fire and when the grounders were trying to scare them.
  • While I can understand the main cast not wanting to give up Finn to the grounders I don't understand why they think it's crazy that the grounders would want Finn to punish for killing 18 innocent people. On the other hand I liked that quite a few of the people at the camp wanted to give Finn up to save the rest of them.
  • I actually really liked the flashbacks of Finn and Raven on the ark because I just have this weird soft spot for these two and I found those scenes really sweet.
  • I liked how Murphy tried to cheer Finn up about him being the possible reason that they'll start another war with the grounders.
  • I didn't like how Clarke blamed Murphy for not being able to stop Finn from massacring the village but I also didn't like that Murphy implied that it was Clarke's fault because Finn was looking for her because really no one's fault but Finn's that those people died.
  • I liked how Lincoln told them that Finn had to die for his crimes because that's how the grounder's justice system work and that they should be grateful that they only have to give up the life of one murder when Finn had taken 18 innocent lives.
  • I'm glad that Finn is feeling guilty that a war may start because of him and that he's thinking that him dying may be what's best for everyone else.
  • I liked how Clarke told her mom that they had to show the grounders that they aren't scared and I liked how when her mom asked what if she is scared that Clarke told her to just fake it.
  • I like that Kane said that he negotiated a possible deal with the grounders where they try him for war crimes because that way Finn's death would be less painful and also they should have put him on trial already because what he did is a war crime and he needs to be punished in someway for it.
  • I thought it was both sweet and stupid of Finn to arrange for Raven to have a chance to go on a spacewalk because all he really wanted to do was make her happy but on the other hand he knew what he was suggesting was a crime and that it was also dangerous. I'm also a bit disappointed that Raven went along with this plan because while I understand why she would want to she had to know it was a bad idea.
  • I liked how Finn took the blame for the spacewalk in order to save Raven's life because he was underage and she wasn't so she would die and he would be put in jail instead. Finn sacrificing himself for Raven here really helps me understand more why Raven is so attached and loyal to Finn still.
  • I like that Finn starts seeing that other people are getting hurt because of him when Clarke is almost killed by a grounder and I like that he feels bad about this.
  • I like that Finn told Raven that he never meant to hurt and I like that he also pointed out that she was letting him off too easily because she really is.
  • I didn't like how Raven planned to sacrifice Murphy in order to save Finn but I liked that Clarke and Bellamy didn't like that idea because they knew Murphy wasn't guilty of Finn's crime and I'm glad that Finn didn't let Murphy be sacrifice in his place and that this led to Finn giving himself up to the grounders.
  • I liked that after Finn was captured that Abby and Kane told Clarke, Raven and Bellamy that there isn't anything they can do now to save Finn that wouldn't result in the deaths of the rest of their people.
  • I liked that Clarke mercy killed Finn in order to save him from the long and torturous death that the grounders had planned for him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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