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TV Review: Teen Wolf: A Novel Approach(5.05)

                                          Teen Wolf: A Novel Approach(5.05)Review
  • I found the opening sequence where Stiles fights for his life against Donovan to be very suspenseful and I found that the suspense came not from wondering whether or not Stiles would make it out of the situation alive(because I knew he would) but rather from wondering what Stiles will have to do in order to survive. Since he really was in a kill or be killed situation but unlike most shows in this genre this show doesn't take it's main characters killing someone lightly.
  • I found it really creepy how it appeared that Donovan would have little mouths with terrifying teeth appear both on his hand and his neck.
  • I found it interesting that it seems like Donovan desire to have his revenge against the Sheriff started with when his dad became paralyzed from the waist down after getting shot while on duty with the Sheriff.
  • I like that it was made very clear that Stiles was trying to anything and everything to just get away from Donovan and that he had no really intention of killing him and that when he turned around and saw that Donovan had been implied he was shocked and horrified about what he had done. I also liked that Stiles even tried to pull out the pole because he wanted to try and save Donovan but he died before he could take it out.
  • I found it interesting that Stiles called the police because it was made pretty clear right afterwards that he was terrified of what will happened to him once they got there and saw him there with a body and blood on his hands yet he still felt the need to call them.
  • I liked that when heard over the police radio that they would leave the school because it was a false alarm that he didn't look relieve by this but rather it seemed like he was thinking that them leaving meant that something was wrong and he went back into the school and saw that the body was gone and the scene had been cleaned up.
  • I find it worrisome that Kira is muttering Japanese in her sleep despite Scott making it clear later on in the episode that Kira doesn't actually speak any Japanese.
  • I liked how when Stiles was back home and was writing down his theories about what could have happened to Donovan's body it was clear that he was unraveling and that when he wrote down that Donovan was dead you could just see how the guilt was eating him alive and how with the way in which he erased the board frantically how seeing it being written down made it feel more real and how he wanted to take back what happened.
  • Dylan O'Brian's acting in the opening parts of this episode was just fantastic he had no lines but you could tell where Stiles head was at and what he was feeling, while he's always good this really deserves a special mention.
  • I'm glad that Scott and the pack have figured out that someone is taking the bodies and I'm sticking with my theory that Parrish is taking the bodies to the nemeton to restore its power..
  • I liked that Malia read the whole The Dread Doctors book in one night and that she told the rest of the pack about it and Kira was off making copies of it.
  • I liked how after Malia mentioned that the book was volume 1 but there was no other books in the series that Lydia thought that the book was a prediction rather than fiction and Malia thought that they were living volume 2.
  • I liked that Scott came to the conclusion that the doctors weren't the ones that were taking the bodies and I liked that he did smell blood in the library even though he didn't find any trace of it there.
  • I didn't like that it turned out that Theo and the doctors actually wanted the pack to find the book and go and visit Dr. Valack in Eichen House.
  • I liked that Lydia noticed that something was off with Stiles with how he had an injury on his shoulder but said that it was his elbow and refused to talk about it.
  • I liked how Stiles described Eichen house as an "asylum of insanity and death" because that's pretty much the perfect description of the place.
  • I liked how Stiles wouldn't let Lydia go to Eichen House without him because he felt that he needed to their to protect her even though he knew that Scott and Kira were already going with her.
  • I'm really concerned for Kira since her fox spirit looks like it's out of control and I don't understand why Scott didn't tell her this since keep this from her won't make the problem go away and she really needs to know about it.
  • I liked that Scott noticed that something was off with the way that Stiles was acting and he asked if anything was wrong and I'm not surprised at all that Stiles didn't tell him anything and instead just said everyone's a bit off.
  • I liked that Scott told Stiles that he was worried about Kira because she nearly killed Lucas and I liked how Stiles defended Kira with saying that it was in self defense and therefore could be justified clearly thinking back to what happened with Donovan. I feel like Scott is correct to be worried about Kira and that he's right that they should try to save the doctors victims not kill them but I also know that what Stiles did with Donovan was self defense in a way that's very different from what Kira almost did and is in fact justifiable. I feel like Stiles after this conversation is feeling like Scott would hate him if he ever found out about Donovan but I know that isn't true because Scott loves Stiles and could forgive him for anything and would understand why he killed Donovan if Stiles would just tell him what happened but I also get why Stiles is too ashamed to tell anyone.
  • I liked that when Theo came over to Malia and tried to ask her about what she was reading that she didn't offer up any really information to him and was just generally cold to him.
  • I liked that it was explained that the whole lower floor of the supernatural ward at Eichen House is covered in mountain ash which sadly means that Scott and Kira can't go with Stiles and Lydia when they visit Valack.
  • I was surprised to find out that it appeared that Valack actually wrote The Dread Doctors book in order to warn people about the existence of the doctors since I assumed that he was in on everything with the doctors.
  • I liked that both Lydia and Stiles didn't really want to give Valack a recording of her screaming because they knew that the fact that he wanted it meant that he could use it in some way to his advantage later on.
  • I liked how when Scott was talking about how Stiles and Lydia work well together and that they have survived so much despite not having any offense special powers to protect themselves there was this tone of admiration in his voice that I really liked.
  • I liked how Scott told Kira that Lydia used pretend not to be smart and that this shocked Kira because she couldn't imagine Lydia being ashamed of being smart which really shows how far Lydia has come since the beginning of the series.
  • I liked how Scott pointed out that Stiles was the only one that use to notice that Lydia was smart because he paid so much more attention her than anyone else did. I really liked this because Stiles knowing Lydia was smart when no one else did is one of the main reasons that I started shipping them as hard as I do know back in season 1.
  • I liked how Scott and Kira both noted that Stiles still likes Lydia because I have always thought that Stiles never stopped liking Lydia and that he never would so I liked that the show confirmed this point but on the other hand I don't think this means that he doesn't like Malia just that he also still has feelings for Lydia that I don't feel will ever truly go away.
  • I was really worried for Kira when her powers started loosing control and electricity started going everywhere.
  • I found it interesting that Eichen House doesn't only use mountain ash but also electric currents to keep all their supernatural patients contained.
  • I liked that Lydia and Stiles refused to give Valack the recording of Lydia's scream until he told them everything that he knew about the doctors and I'm glad that he did give them at information. I found it interesting the doctors are former scientists who experimented on themselves to gain powers including the one to erase memories of themselves from the minds of anyone who has encountered them and that the doctors were drawn to Beacon Hills because the power that was given back to the nemeton.
  • I really didn't like it when Theo was moving Malia's hands on the steering wheel in a clear move that was suppose to turn her on, I found him really creepy and I'm glad that she didn't seem interested in him.
  • I felt really bad for Malia when she started flashing back to the night of the car crash but I found it interesting that she remembered that the Desert Wolf was there that night which means Malia may not be the reason her mother and sister died like she had thought all this years but it also means the Desert Wolf may have tried to kill her.
  • I liked that Scott refused to abandoned Kira even though he couldn't come near her without her shocking him and I liked that he carried her out of Eichen House even though it caused him a huge amount of pain because he just couldn't leave her in there.
  • I liked how Kira started talking about what Scott said at the club the other night and he told her that he remembered and that he meant it referring to him telling her he loved her last episode.
  • I found it a bit strange that the doctors came into Eichen House to steal Valack's third eye but they didn't actually kill him.
  • When Stiles was telling Lydia that everything that was happening and was going to happen was their fault I felt like the guilt he was feeling over killing Donovan was speaking for him at this point because that's truly a ridiculous amount of blame and responsibility to put on your shoulder and I'm a bit surprised that Lydia agreed with him that it's their responsibility to stop everything bad that could happen because the doctors.
  • I'm worried about what Valack will end up doing now that he has escaped from Eichen House because I'm sure it's nothing good.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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