Thursday, October 8, 2015

TV Review: Scream: Aftermath(1.04)

                                                        Scream: Aftermath(1.04)Review
  • I'm glad that Noah was so clearly devastated by what happened to Riley because that makes it very unlikely that he had anything to do with her death other than having the misfortunate to witness via video chat.
  • I find it awfully suspicious that Tyler's head was decapitated in a car crash and the Sheriff doesn't seem to think that's odd.
  • I'm glad that the Sheriff feels that it is his fault that Riley was killed because her being killed at the station that's something that should make him feel guilty.
  • I'm glad that it was made clear that Riley's death was something that really hit everyone pretty hard and that the characters actually mourned her.
  • I liked how Brooke expressed the guilty she felt over having left Riley alone for a booty call. I also just liked Emma and Brooke remembering Riley and crying together.
  • I liked how Audrey went to see how Noah was doing and to try to cheer him up at least a little bit. I liked that Noah mentioned that he hadn't been able to sleep and that he was wondering if he had sex if the rules of horror would have kicked in and if he would have died instead and I liked that Audrey told him she doesn't think it works that way.
  • I liked that Audrey suggested that her and Noah team up to fight crime as "bi-curious and the virgin" and that Noah said they'd be the saddest crime fighting duo ever. I also like that Noah isn't quite ready to face reality yet.
  • I find it interesting that Brooke's dad is the mayor and I'm sad for her because it seems like her father doesn't have any clue about what's going on in her life.
  • I liked how Audrey confronted the Sheriff about him not looking far enough into Rachel's death.
  • I like that both Emma and Audrey don't believe that Tyler is the killer and that they are still planning to work together to find out who's really behind the murders.
  • I liked that Will went to check up on Emma when she was at work and I liked that he comforted her when she broke down.
  • I felt really bad for Brooke when she saw the online poll of who people think should die next and she was winning by a landslide.
  • I find Piper hinting to Emma that she doesn't believe that everything is over is pretty suspicious.
  • I found the year book that Emma got to be pretty creepy and I liked how Emma brought the year book over for Audrey and Noah to see. I liked that Noah figured out that the place the killer wanted Emma to go to was an abandoned hospital where Brandon James had his surgeries.
  • I liked that Noah geeked out at the thought of going to the hospital because of it's connection to Brandon James.
  • I liked that Audrey figured out that Emma was planning on going to the hospital herself and Audrey made sure that Emma would take her with. I also liked that when Emma asked if they should take Noah with them she said no because he would act like a four year old at Disney land.
  • I feel bad for Brooke with her mother being away and out of touch and her father not having any time for her despite the fact he can see she clearly needs someone to be there for her right now.
  • I'm not really all that interested in Jake and Will's blackmail plot and I don't really think that blackmail has much of anything to do with the killing.
  • I liked that Emma used the logic that the killer had plenty of chances to kill her already yet didn't so that must mean the killer isn't done with her yet.
  • I liked that Audrey came prepared with a taser and a crow bar to defend themselves with.
  • I like that Audrey pointed out to Emma that since a voice changer can he used over the phone pretty easily that the killer could literally be anyone.
  • I found the hospital to be pretty creepy especially the thing with the pig and it's blood being all over the floor.
  • I liked that Noah had actually followed Audrey and Emma out to the hospital because he didn't want them to go there without him.
  • I liked that Noah got all excited about being in a killer's lair but then also pointed out that the scene looked staged. I also liked how Noah insulted how things worked on Pretty Little Liars.
  • I liked that when Emma found Nina's laptop that she wanted to bring it into the police right away but both Audrey and Noah didn't want to because of how badly they handled things with Riley.
  • I liked that they ended up downloading the videos on a drive in order for them to find out what they were.
  • I'm glad that the police finding Tyler's head at the hospital made them re open the murder case since Tyler obviously didn't put his own head there.
  • I liked that Jake tried to comfort Brooke while she was feeling down on herself and despite thinking that Jake a dick I think that he's pretty sweet when he's with Brooke.
  • I liked how Emma told Piper that she should stay in town since the case isn't really over despite what the public thinks at the moment.
  • I felt really bad for Emma when a video of her first time accidently got uploaded onto the web by Noah and Audrey.
Please tell me your thoughts in this episode.

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