Saturday, July 9, 2016

TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Maid of Gevaudan(5.18)

                                      Teen Wolf: The Maid of Gevaudan(5.18)Review
  • I liked that this episode showed when the best was originally a threat and I liked that a female hunter named Marie was the only one that could defeat it. I liked seeing Crystal Reed on the show again even if she is now playing a different character.
  • I liked that Chris and Gerard felt that it was important that Lydia heard all of Marie's story because they believed that she could be the one that defeats the beast.
  • I liked that Hayden jump started Liam's healing process by kissing him rather than causing him pain, I also liked that Stiles said that he'd try that next time clearly thinking of this type of situation only involving Scott instead of Liam.
  • I liked that Marie was at first skeptical about the supernatural and it took actually seeing the supernatural at work in order to convince her of its existence.
  • I liked that Scott was doing his best to fight the beast but also to try to make sure that the beast went after no one but him because Scott's number one priority is always keeping others safe.
  • I liked that Marie started learning about the supernatural and how to survive it from an Argent hunter.
  • I liked that when Malia called Braeden for back up that she told her that she need to bring all of her guns.
  • I found it an interesting twist that the beast's true form was that of Marie's brother and that while he has shown himself to be monster in both his forms he is still her brother and someone she cared about so killing him was something that she found extremely difficult.
  • I liked that in the end Marie married into the Argent family and that she was the one that came up with the original Argent code, I just think it's fitting that the original and the new Argent codes were both made by characters played by Crystal Reed.
  • I liked that Lydia pointed out to Chris and Gerard that she's not Alison and that she isn't an Argent so she's not the answer to how to stop the beast.
  • I liked that Scott was able to catch the beast scent and figure out what teenager it is taking over and I was sad to learn that it was Mason but I like that Cory still seems to want to protect him despite knowing the truth.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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