Thursday, July 14, 2016

Book Review: Hex Hall: Spellbound

                                                           Spellbound Review
Spellbound is the third book and final book in the Hex Hall series and it starts off with Sophie dealing with the fallout of the end of the last book. Sophie starts off the book fearing for her father's, Cal's, Archer's and Jenna's lives since they were in danger when she left them and she has no idea where they are now. Not only that but Sophie has to deal with yet another revelation about her family when she finds out that her mother is part of prodigum fighting family which makes her one to. Sophie deals with a lot of questions right away and doesn't seem to have any answers on how to keep her loved ones and the world safe from the Casnoffs.

By the mid section of the book Sophie knows what has happened to everyone she cares about but she is now trapped at Hex Hall without her powers along with Archer, Jenna and Cal. The group along with Elodie's ghost have to come up with a way to stop the Casnoffs and it's a task that seems to become even more impossible as time goes on.

Overall I really enjoyed this book it was both a lot of fun but also had a lot of great dramatic plot elements with the plot twists and insights into the characters emotional states. I really loved all the major characters and how they worked together, I especially loved the friendship between Sophie and Jenna and the romantic pairing of Sophie and Archer. I overall thought that this book was a great way to end a great series and I wish I could say more about this book's plot but I feel like there are too many spoilers that would be revealed if I did that. Please tell me what you thought about this book or entire series in the comment section below.

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