Saturday, July 9, 2016

Movie Review: Ashby

                                                              Ashby Review
Ashby is about an awkward teenager Ed(Nat Wolff) who has recently moved to a new town and doesn't really fight in with the rest of his classmates. Ed ends up befriending his next door neighbor Ashby(Mickey Rourke) a retired assassin for the CIA who his dying and realizes that one of the kills he did was unjust so he decides to kill the people who knew this. The characters and the relationship that Ed and Ashby have is what mainly drives the film and their contrasting personalities make them interesting to watch as well as allowing for some form of growth from both characters.

This film didn't really have a strong plot but it had good character journeys and characters that were interesting and enjoyable to watch which made the film work well as a whole. I especially liked the character of Ed since he was awkward, somewhat nerdy and had a good heart which is a character type that I always like. I liked that a big part of Ed's character development had him developing more of a backbone. Ashby is a character that I felt grew somewhat through his friendship with Ed because he made him look at things differently and that led Ashby to wanting to right some wrongs before he died.

Overall I thought that this was a good movie and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought that this was a good character driven film that had good performances through out the film and I thought it was well written story as well. Please tell me your thoughts about this film in the comments below.

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