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TV Review: Falling for Innocence

                                                     Falling for Innocence Review
Falling for Innocence is a K-drama(Korean drama) about a ruthless businessman Kang Min-ho who is dead set on destroying his father's company that was stolen from his family shortly after his father's death and because of the actions of those who betrayed his father he ended up loosing both of his parents at a young age. Min-ho has made it so that his only purpose in life is to destroy that one company and he believes that everyone who is part of that company to be his enemy including a secretary named Kim Soon-jung.

Kim Soon-jung is a dedicated and good hearted secretary that has great love for the company that Min-ho is so determined to destroy, the primary reason why she sees the company as a force for good is because of the jobs it has given the factory works who she is close both because she went to school with many of the factory works children when she was young and because father of fiancé works there. At the beginning of the series Soon-jung is in a happy relationship with her fiancé Ma Dong-wook who is sadly killed a few episodes into the series.

A big part of the reason for Min-ho's ruthlessness is trying to destroy the company comes from the fact that he is dying of a heart condition and things start to change for his character when he gets a heart transplant fairly earlier on. After the heart transplant and spending more time with Soon-jung, Min-ho slowly starts to change his ways partially because he's no longer dying but mostly because of the influence that Soon-jung has on him that makes him want to be someone that she would actually like to spend time with.
The part of the series that I probably found most enjoyable was Min-ho and Soon-jung's relationship because it was one that developed gradually over time, it drove a lot of the plot and character development of the series and when they started getting along they were really cute together which is always fun to watch. One the things that was most enjoyable about the relationship was the fact that Min-ho didn't seem to understand what he was feeling at all and he act like an awkward dork whenever he was trying to impress Soon-jung because he was completely out of his element.

A big part of this series had to do with the business of trying to destroy or save the company with Min-Ho trying to destroy the company in the first half of the series before deciding to save the company in second half of the series and discovering that running a company is a lot harder than taking one down. For the later half the series Lee Joon-hee who is also a childhood friend of Soon-jung and a romantic rival is also a business rival for Min-ho who pays back to him what he had done to others in the past.

The character of Joon-hee is one that was a bit hard to figure out at first because he kept a lot of his true self hidden from everyone even his closest friends who have known him since he was in elementary school. Joon-hee is someone who is willing to do absolutely anything to get ahead and that is something that made him pretty dangerous but that is also one of the main reasons why Soon-jung would never even consider being with him, the other reason is of course that she's only ever seen him as a friend and no matter what he demands of her that's not going to change. There were times when I did feel bad for Joon-hee such as when it was revealed that he was always looked down upon because he comes from a low-class background but in the end he did too many bad things and showed pretty much no remorse so in the end he was a character I didn't really like but was well-written and important to the story.

Overall I thought that the story and writing were enjoyable although I did think that the romantic and comedic aspect of this drama worked better than the more dramatic elements that were involved in the business and police investigation storylines. I thought that the acting was overall pretty good if at times a bit over the top but I think it was suppose to be so I guess that's okay. In the end I enjoyed this drama mostly for the romantic bits and I would recommend even though I know it's not the best one out there it was still really fun and enjoyable. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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