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TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: Two Birds, One Milestone(2.06)

                 How To Get Away With Murder: Two Birds, One Milestone(2.06)Review
  • In the flash forward seeing Frank react emotionally to Annalise possibly dying seemed pretty strange but the fact that he was acting made it feel less weird. I also find it concerning that Cathy seemed dead in the backseat of frank's car.
  • I liked that despite Laurel not entirely believing Wes about Frank having something to do with Rebecca disappearing that she still thought that there was enough evidence there for her to try to spy on Frank.
  • I liked that Oliver tried to get Connor tell him what he did that could land him jail is by making a list of terrible crimes and having Connor cross them out. I also think that it is for the best that Connor distracted Oliver before he got too close to the truth.
  • I like that Wes seems to be somewhat bothered by the others thinking he's crazy and I like that Laurel's opinion seems to mean the most him.
  • I like that Laurel, Michaela and Connor tried to convince Wes to let the Rebecca thing dropped because they don't want Annalise to find out that they are going crazy again.
  • I like that Annalise showing Asher the tape of Bonnie when she was a girl was something that made him change his mind about testifying about what he knows. I also like that Asher is shown to clearly care a lot about Bonnie with the way he reacted to seeing the tape.
  • I like that when Asher told Annalise that Sinclair has something bad on him that she told him that she was going to protect him as long as he didn't testify.
  • I liked that Annalise gave Bonnie the credit for Asher changing his mind but I also like that Bonnie is skeptical that it was actually her doing.
  • I find it funny how Asher told the others they have no idea about the shit that goes on in this house because they all know so much more than him.
  • I like that Frank told Annalise that while Wes was distracted by the suitcase that he was by no means giving up finding out what happened to Rebecca.
  • I liked that Annalise was able to get Sinclair to drop Asher's case entirely and I like that Annalise made it clear that she didn't really understand Sinclair's obsession with taking her down.
  • I liked that Annalise told the group that while she has no clue whether or not if the Hapstalls are guilty but she does know how it feels to have people expect the worst of you and that is something that leads her to tell them that they need to find another suspect in order to make their clients look guilty.
  • I liked that a phone call that Annalise didn't want to take because she thought that it was unimportant turned out to be a new case with a client that killed her abusive husband in self defense.
  • I liked that Asher told Bonnie that what Sam tried to do to her was not okay and that he wishes he could do something to make things better and just by saying that Bonnie felt like he did.
  • I like that Bonnie is concerned about Asher's father's reaction to his refusal to testify and I liked that when Asher was wondering if Annalise could really protect him that she told him Annalise takes care of everyone.
  • I liked that Asher came up with the idea that the Hapstall biological parents as potential suspects and I liked that Wes laid out a good case for that to be true.
  • I liked that Annalise figured out that her client used what she told her to stage a crime scene.
  • I think that it's probably for the best that Nate wants to distance himself from anything involving Annalise.
  • I kind of like that Catherine record what they were saying behind her back because they have lied to her in the best and I liked that Annalise was mad at them for bad mouthing their clients in their own house, I also liked that Asher kept pointing out that he wasn't part of that.
  • I was so sad to hear that Nate's wife died but I liked that Annalise went over to his place to try and comfort him.
  • I liked that Laurel, Wes and Connor were all into at least checking out the biological parents as potential suspects and I kind of dislike that Michaela is completely dismissing the idea because she was adapted and because Wes was the one that laid out the case for the biological parents as suspects and she blames him for everything that goes wrong in their lives.
  • I liked that Laurel told Wes that they were just going to ask Frank if Rebecca is dead and of course he lied to them.
  • I liked that Annalise admired her client for getting someone to make a false witness statement about seeing her husband abuse her.
  • I was worried when the DA told Annalise that she could be charged as an accessory to murder based off of how long their phone conversation was.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Annalise using Asher's father to win her case and get rid of Sinclair.  
  • I liked that they found out that the Hapstalls have secret cousin who they can use as a possible suspect.
  • I liked that Laurel still somewhat believes that Frank could have killed Rebecca and I find it funny that Frank's offended that Laurel thinks he could kill someone when we know he has before.
  • I liked that Frank introduced Laurel to his family since it showed a different side of him.
  • I find it interesting that Annalise brought up a lot of new information about Wes's mother and I liked that Wes told Annalise that this didn't have anything to do with Wes's mother and that Wes pointed out he can't trust her because she always keeps things from him.
  • I felt bad for Asher when his father disowned him because of the way that Annalise decided to use his father for her own gain.
  • I'm worried that something bad might happen to Oliver since he hacked into the guy that is most likely the Hapstall killer's computer and he hacked right back into his but I liked that Connor was worried about him and didn't want him to get anymore involved in this case.
  • I'm glad that in the flash forward it appears that Catherine is still alive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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