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TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: Skanks Get Shanked(2.04)

                   How To Get Away With Murder: Skanks Get Shanked(2.04)Review
  • I'm glad that in the flash forward Annalise is getting taken to the hospital for her gunshot wound because that increases the chances for her survival. I also liked that Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor are all freaking out about the possibility of Annalise dying and I like that Nate is trying to keep them all calm.
  • I was surprised that Nate's wife Nina asked Annalise to come see her and I was even more surprised when she asked Annalise to get her pills so that she could kill herself. I liked that Annalise was very taken aback by that request and that she spent a good part of the episode trying to figure out what she should do in this situation.
  • I found the case with the client Zoe a teenage girl who took part in killing her best friend along with two other girls and I liked that both Annalise and other girls lawyer were arguing that their client was brainwashed by the other girl or girls. I found it very interesting that this entire case hinged on which of the girls are brainwashed and who are the ones just acting as a weapon.
  • I liked how Connor saw parallels with the brainwashing case that Annalise laid out in court and how she treats the group and I like that he explained why what Annalise is doing with them is a form of brainwashing. I think the thing that I liked the most and found the scariest is the fact that he's probably right about this even though the others don't agree with him.
  • I found it interesting that Wes and Levi aren't just working together to figure out what happened to Rebecca but that Wes is also letting Levi stay with him and I liked that when Levi insulted Wes's apartment that Wes told him since he lives in his care he really doesn't have room to judge.
  • I liked that during the first half of the case Connor was sort of projecting his own issues onto Zoe and that he really believed in her story and wanted to help her.
  • I liked that when Michaela was trying to get Caleb to give a good testimony in case he had to take the stand in court that Michaela pointed out that a lot of his testimony sounded self pitying and that she revealed that she too was adapted so she gets what he's going through on some level.
  • I liked that during this episode both Connor and Michaela had some ask them if they'd ever been apart of or accused of murder because even though the people who asked them those questions expected the answer to be no you can tell how thrown off by the question they are.
  • I liked that when Wes found out that Levi was lying to him about stopping seeing Michaela that Wes tried to throw him out and be done with him because he didn't want to have to deal with someone who constantly lies to him but since Levi got new information for Wes the two continue to work together.
  • I liked that Laurel stole Zoe's phone because she didn't buy Zoe's story and she found a hidden video on it where Zoe was joking about killing her best friend Rachel and saying that her and the other two girls should kill someone else and even suggested killing one her teacher because she gave her C in her class so they should carve a C into her head.
  • I liked that after seeing the video Connor actually wanted Zoe to be found guilty because it became clear that not only had she killed her best friend but she had expressed a desire to kill someone again after doing so. I like that Connor was upset by the fact that everyone else seemed to still be okay with defending her because she was someone who is truly dangerous.
  • I liked that Connor found a way to get the video of Zoe talking about killing Rachel to the other side before Annalise had deleted all the copies of it.
  • I liked that Annalise actually almost won the case for Zoe using a part in the video where it seemed like the other girl was leading Zoe rather than the other way around and I liked that the only reason this defense probably didn't end up working out is because Zoe showed her true colors in court when the other girl said they never wanted to be friends with her and Zoe got up and screamed at her that she was nothing before they met and that she will kill her later on. Her reaction just makes me really happy that Annalise didn't win her case for her because she is very dangerous.
  • I liked that Connor told Annalise that he did get the video to the other side and that he would do it again and that the real reason he couldn't help Annalise win her case is because he can't deal with having anymore blood on his hands then there already is. I really didn't like how Annalise made Connor feel even more trapped in working for her by telling him that his car that has Sam's blood in it is still around, I'm not sure if I believe that she actually still has that around or not but I still dislike the way she makes him feel even more helpless than he already does.
  • I liked that Michaela found out that Cathy is a virgin and that is something that they were able to medical prove which takes away the weight of the incest rumors that have been going around about Caleb and Cathy.
  • I liked that Asher made a deal to tell Sinclair all he thinks he knows about what goes on at Annalise's house both to protect himself and because he truly believes that Annalise killed Sam and she shouldn't get away with it. I liked that when Bonnie found out about what he was doing she told him that she was the one to kill Sam in order to prevent Asher from testifying against Annalise the next day.
  • I liked how Annalise told Nina that she had thought about killing herself through out her whole life but she's never done it and that she figures if she doesn't deserve to die than someone like Nina who is a much better person than her surely doesn't deserve to die.
  • I'm worried about what will happen now that Annalise knows that Wes and Nate are working together behind her back on something.
  • In the flash forward the scene at the end indicates that Michaela is involved with Caleb in the future and I'm wondering how that happened.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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