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TV Review: Revenge: Exposure(4.19)

                                                  Revenge: Exposure(4.19)Review
  • I felt bad for Louise when she figured out after Emily revealed her real identity just how much Nolan was keeping from her and I dislike that Victoria is taking advantage Louise's emotional state to get the zip drive of all the information that Louise's brother took off Nolan's computer.
  • I liked that there was a bit of a call back to the pilot when Emily tells Nolan that Emily Thorne no longer exists like she told him in the pilot Amanda Clarke no longer exists although I'm still calling her Emily because that's what I'm use to calling her.
  • I liked that David was able to cut a deal for Emily so that she doesn't have to go to jail for fraud.
  • I liked that when Nolan tells Emily that Tom Kingsley is coming after her that the two of them think back to his takedown and I liked how Nolan remarked that is when the two of them become a team and that Emily tells him of course she remembers, I just like seeing how clearly fond they are of each other now and seeing how far they have come over the years.
  • I liked that Louise started doubting what Victoria was telling her about how Nolan is a bad person and was even somewhat understanding about why Emily hid who she was and why Nolan had to keep her secret.
  • I understand why Ben is so angry with Emily and there really is nothing she can say to make things better but I don't really know why he came over to talk to her if he already knew all that.
  • I dislike how Victoria tells Louise all about what Emily did to her but never once mentions what she did Emily that made her want to go after Victoria, I just hate the way that Victoria always tries to play innocent in her feud with Emily.
  • I liked how Louise told Nolan that no one is going to as important to him as Emily and I like that he can't even deny it because it's just so true, I just always love when people can see how much Nolan loves Emily.
  • I liked that when Nolan could see that Louise was upset that he still tried to talk to her and find someway to comfort her, I just really enjoy the friendship that these two have.
  • I liked that when Emily was confronting Tom Kingsley that there was a recap of some of Emily's most memorable takedowns.
  • I liked that Emily and David worked together to convince Tom Kingsley to not go through with his plans to take Emily down because he would regret.
  • I liked that Margaux was most focused on putting out the word that Daniel wasn't a killer rather than trying to take Emily down.
  • I liked that Margaux finally admitted that she lied about Emily pushing her and I like that Margaux doesn't want to help Victoria takedown Emily because she knows that revenge won't make anything right.
  • I felt bad for Nolan when he had to admit to Emily that he kept files about their takedowns and that Victoria is now in possession of those files and Emily is understandably furious at him and he is heartbroken that he might have done something that would end up allowing Victoria to destroy her.
  • I liked that Emily went to the press to tell her side of the story and to make it impossible for Victoria to ever tell her side of the story.
  • I liked how when Nolan was saying that he no longer has Emily and that he was never really important to her in the first place that Jack tells him that isn't true that him and Emily are the dynamic duo and that Emily couldn't let him go even if she wanted to.
  • I really loved the recap of Emily and Nolan's relationship I loved seeing all their moments together and I liked that I got a vaguely romantic vibe from it whether or not that was intentional.
  • I liked that Emily told the report on national television that Victoria destroy her childhood and made sure that she stopped believing her father. I liked that she told them that finding out that her dad is actually innocent is what saved her so she saved him the only way she could.
  • I was really sad when we saw Emily talk about how Amanda died because of her revenge and I was a bit annoyed to have to see Aiden again but I understand that Aiden is someone who was important to Emily.
  • I liked that Emily somewhat told the report that Victoria has killed someone and I liked how she told everyone how Victoria has a dark heart and is the one who's really dangerous.
  • In all honesty it would have made more sense for Jack to tell Nolan that he's in love with Emily than for Nolan to tell Jack that he's in love with Amanda because we saw a lot more evidence of that both in this episode and the series as a whole, it's just that Jack and Emily is a ship I always knew the writers want me to ship but I just don't see why they should be together or even that they actually love each other.
  • I was sad that Margaux eventually went back to Victoria's side with helping her takedown Emily but I do feel bad for Victoria outside of her relationship with Emily because in her relationship she's clearly the bad guy.
  • I liked that David told Emily how proud he was of her and I like that you can tell just how much he loves her.
  • I liked that Emily seems to be letting go of control and that for the first time she's okay with a lack of control.
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