Monday, June 4, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Omega(2.01)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Omega(2.01)Review
  • I was kind of surprised that Derek gave Jackson the bite because I thought it wouldn't happen as fast as it did but I knew it was bound to happen eventually because of how determined Jackson was to get the bite last season.
  • I still think Scott and Alison are adorable and sweet together so I'm glad that her finding out that he's a werewolf didn't end their relationship.
  • I loved that Stiles stayed in the hospital all weekend in order to give Lydia a get well soon balloon(even though he never got a chance to do that). I just loved seeing Stiles again he's my favorite character so I missed him all school year.
  • I'm still confused and worried about what is going on with Lydia with how she hallucinated about the tub being filled with her and blood, then ran around outside naked for about a day.
  • I liked that when Stiles's dad asked for more information on what Lydia looks like that Stiles just came up and gave a detailed description of what she looked like that was slightly stalkerish due to his long time crush on her.
  • I liked that Stiles had Scott track Lydia using the blood from her nightgown and I loved that Alison insisted that she come with because Lydia is her best friend.
  • I liked the odd conversation that Scott and Mr.Argent had while Scott was hanging upside down by a trip wire, it was just an interesting conversation and it showed that as of now Mr.Argent doesn't want to kill Scott.
  • I'm interested to see what's going to happen with Issac the guy who's a grave digger, on the lacrosse team and is an aspiring photographer who Derek is most likely going to bite very soon.
  • I liked that when Stiles thought that Lydia stole a dead guy's liver that he was still into her and I liked how after Scott mentioned that he never ate someones liver that Stiles thought it would be good to use him as a control group.
  • I liked the odd speech that the lacrosse couch gave to the team about why they should help find Lydia and I found it odd that he mentioned that he ran around naked once when it was 40 degrees outside because that just seems like something you wouldn't share with your students.
  • I'm really creeped out by the science teacher that seems to randomly hate Stiles. I wonder if the teacher is just naturally creepy or if he's somehow involved in something supernatural.
  • I'm curious and worried about why Jackson's body is rejecting the bite and I think it's especially worrisome that Derek doesn't know why that's happening.
  • I liked that Scott hide in the grave yard for Alison's aunt's funeral in order to give her moral support and I loved that Stiles came a little bit later and brought a tie with him even though he was wearing normal clothes and didn't wear the tie.
  • I find Alison's grandpa to also be creepy and I find it kind of scary that least scary person in Alison's dad.
  • I liked that when Scott and Stiles overhear in Stiles's dad's police car about the attack on the ambulance that they head out there right away.
  • I found it interesting that the person who was attacking everyone was the homeless omega wolf and not Lydia who we originally thought it was. I also liked that Scott wanted to help the omega wolf.
  • I liked that when Lydia turned up and asked for someone to give her a jacket that Stiles tried to takeoff his dad's jacket to give to her but he past out before he could do so and his dad gave her his jacket.
  • I liked that Derek made sure that the Argents didn't see Scott and that he made Scott watch when grandpa Argent sliced the omega wolf in half with a sword(which was pretty graphic). I also liked that Derek told Scott that this is why they have to stick together.
  • I really don't like grandpa Argent since he said he's not going to follow the code that Mr.Argent obeys when it comes to werewolf hunting.
  • I overall thought this was a good way to start off the season and I can't wait until the next episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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