Saturday, June 23, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Abomination(2.04)

                                               Teen Wolf: Abomination(2.04)Review
  • I find it very interesting that the creature has a form of venom that paralyzes it's victim before it kills them, also that it's only purpose may be to kill, it can't swim and it can't recognize who or what it is.
  • I find it interesting that the vet has a past with the Argents and that the Argents have a book full of a list of other species.
  • I found the scene with the creature in the body shop to be very frightening especially when I thought the creature was going to go after Stiles who at the time couldn't move.
  • I liked the scene between Stiles and his dad in this episode not exactly sure why.
  • I find it interesting and frightening that Stiles feels that the creature recognized him.
  • I liked the scene were Derek is training his betas to survive.
  • I found it funny how Stiles had to be Scott and Alison's go between this episode.
  • I liked the scene with Lydia and the guidance councillor because of how Lydia kept questioning whether or not the person was qualified.
  • I'm pretty worried about Lydia still because of how she was covered in blood when she woke up and how upset she was in this episode.
  • I really loved the scene between Stiles and Lydia in this episode were she almost confided in him.
  • I find it interesting that there's two hours of missing footage on Jackson's video.
  • I found the dinner at the Argents to be very awkward.
  • I found the scene with the creature at the pool to be very tense.
  • I like what we see of Derek and Stiles relationship with how they don't like each other really but they'll keep each other safe when they''re in danger.
  • I find it interesting that the creature is called a kanum.
  • I find Alison's grandfather to be quite frightening and I thought it was really cruel of him to stab Scott for a long time and to threaten to kill his mom if he didn't do as he said.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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