Monday, June 4, 2012

Manga Review: Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.2

                                                Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.2Review
The second volume of the series starts off right were the first one ends with the girls meeting Ferio who at first the girls are unsure if they can trust him but they decide he's most likely not an enemy do to the fact that he saved them from getting killed and Mokona seems to like him. After finding out the Ferio also wants to go to the Legendary Fountain of Eterna as well but doesn't know the way Fuu convinces him to come with the girls as there bodyguard since he seems like a good fighter and monsters attack often in the Forest of Silence.

Just as they make it out of the Forest of Silence, Umi is attacked and seriously injured by Alcyone(the evil sorceress from the first volume) so Hikaru of course decides to avenge her her friend with the magic she learned in volume 1. Umi wakes up during a point in the fight were it looks like Hikaru is going to loose and through Mokona Guru Clef is able to teach Umi magic that was able to defeat Alcyone and save Hikaru. Once Umi completes the spell she collapses because she's still badly injured and then Fuu is able to learn magic the same way Umi did and she's able to heal Umi.

 After seeing all this Ferio figures out that the girls are the legendary magic knights and after they ask he tells them what he knows of the story. Ferio leaves soon after this because the only reason he wanted to go to the Fountain of Eterna was because he wanted to see if he could become a magic knight because he also wanted to save Princess Emeraude but since he now knows that Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are the knights he now knows that only those three can be the magic knights. Ferio gives something to Fuu and kisses her hand before he leaves which makes Fuu blush a lot.

The girls then arrive at the Fountain of Eterna and after figuring out how to get into it. They go in and are faced with some that they love and after they acknowledge that in real life this person would never hurt them they are able to defeat it and receive Escudo. With the Escudo Presea is able to make the girls the weapons that they'll need to defeat Lord Zagato and save Cefiro. The girls then go on their way to find the mashin.

I loved this volume and I loved to see that the girls think of themselves as sisters. I also liked meeting Ferio and I like the relationship between him and Fuu. I liked learning about how everything in Cefiro works do to the will of someones heart and I find it interesting that the monsters are created from the fear of the citizens of Cefiro are feeling. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

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