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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Strange Frequencies(5.07)

                                            Teen Wolf: Strange Frequencies(5.07)Review
  • I don't think I buy Theo's story that he was at the school the night Donovan was killed because well I don't trust any thing Theo says and we already know that he sent Donovan after Stiles so that explains how he knows that Stiles killed him and if he was there wouldn't he have seen Parrish take the body.
  • I like that when Theo was saying that he killed the chimera in self defense that Stiles didn't seem entirely convinced of that since Theo easily could have knocked out the chimera rather than kill him and I'm glad that Stiles sees that as well.
  • I really didn't think that Theo's idea to take the body was a good idea because I thought someone would catch them smuggling the body out of the hospital but it turns out that wasn't an issue so I was worried for nothing there.
  • I was sad at how when Theo told Stiles that he wouldn't make him lie to his dad that Stiles said that he has plenty of practice at that because the lies that Stiles tells his father is something that has put a strain on their relationship many times.
  • I liked that the only reason that Stiles agreed with Theo's plan to take the body was because he wanted to figure out who was taking the bodies.
  • I liked that Hayden's reaction to Liam showing her his werewolf face was for her to punch him and then drive away.
  • I was really worried for Hayden when the dread doctors came after her and locked her in her car. I was glad that Liam got to Hayden in time to save her and that the two of them ran away holding hands.
  • I was a bit surprised that Stiles was actually okay with leaving Theo in charge of watching the chimera's body all by himself.
  • I liked that Liam took Hayden over to Scott's house and then called Scott to have him explain to Hayden what was going on with her. I liked that Scott did his best to reassure about what was going on with her and that he was okay with her not being able to believe what he has to say but that he just wants to have this conversation face to face although it turns out that she already believes it. I still enjoy seeing Scott being caring and reassuring with her.
  • I liked how Noshiko surprised Kira with a training session because she could tell that Kira was having problems with her fox and Noshiko wanted Kira to show her fox to see how bad the problems were. It seems that the problems are worse than Noshiko was expecting.
  • I liked how Mason figured out that Corey was a chimera because Corey was looking up a book on miracle healing.
  • I liked how Scott came up with the plan to keep Hayden guarded at the school that night because it's the place in town with the second highest frequency in Beacon Hills and that they planned to manipulate those frequencies to find away to not only protect Hayden from the dread doctors but also figure out away to capture one of them so they can figure out what their up to.
  • I liked that Scott still tried to treat Kira the same that he's always had despite her powers going out of control but I also like the Kira recognized that something weird is going on with her and that the last time the dread doctors were around she ended up being used by them so she thinks it's best that she sits this one out.
  • I kind of like that the dread doctors are keeping things from Theo just because I like it when things don't go Theo's way.
  • I liked that Stiles figured out that the body won't be taken when someone is standing guard over it so he came up with the idea to set up a camera so that they could watch the body from a distance.
  • I like that Noshiko is trying to help Kira find the balance between herself and her fox again.
  • I liked how Melissa told the Sheriff that she couldn't give him the files he was looking for but that she could go and show him how her key card works, I just find these two really cute together and I like how Melissa found a way to bend the rules.
  • I liked that when Theo asked Stiles if the reason why he's there is because he will never trust him and I liked that Stiles confirmed that he will never trust him.
  • I was a bit surprised when Theo told Stiles that he reminded him of his sister because Stiles is a smart pain in the ass that looks out for Scott in the way that his sister looked out for him.  
  • Finding out that Theo not only let his sister die but that he actually stood there and watch her die slow from hypothermia just proves that he is indeed pure evil.
  • I liked how the Sheriff said that he hopes that Donovan is still alive because even though he threatened to kill him because he understands that he still is just a kid and a victim of circumstance.
  • I liked that Melissa figured out that all the people who were turned into chimera's had already gotten some kind of organ or tissue from another person so they already had two different set of DNA in them and are already a sort of chimera.
  • I liked that Liam reassured Hayden that she would learn control a eventually and that Hayden pointed out that she's different from Liam because she's someone science experiment. I liked that when Hayden asked Liam what she is that Liam said that she's Hayden, I find the two of them very sweet together.
  • I liked Stiles and Theo's discussion about wendigo's and how the myth said it was punishment for feeding on human flesh and Theo found it judgmental and that Stiles just says he didn't make it up. I also liked the reference to the Donner Party because that's right up there with the French Revolution with historical events that I like to have referenced.
  • I liked that the conversation moved onto what the punishment for killing a chimera would by and I liked that the first answer Stiles gave was spend five hours with Theo Raken. I was sad when Stiles serious answer to that question was that he would loose Scott because their friendship is too important to end over something like this and it wouldn't end if Stiles would just tell him the truth about how things went down. Scott would understand that Stiles didn't mean to kill anyone and that it was self defense.
  • I wonder where Kira went off to and why the acupuncture needles wrote out the number 115 because I don't know or can't remember what that's in reference to.
  • I liked how Hayden was leaning her head against Liam's shoulder.
  • I really disliked how Parrish hallucinated about making out with Lydia and her taking her shirt off on top of that. I also found it extra creepy how Lydia turned into a burnt corpse in the hallucination as well.
  • I felt bad for Malia when she hallucinated being held down by traps and an arrow to her throat when the dread doctors arrived.
  • I felt bad for Hayden when she realized that she is sort of bait but I don't think that Scott was wrong to come up with this plan because no matter what Hayden was in danger from the dread doctors and Scott's right that they need to find out a way to stop the dread doctors since people are dying and they have know idea how to stop it so them using Hayden as a way to gain some control of the situation is really the only option that they had.
  • I found Lydia hallucinating Tracy pulling out her tongue and spiting out blood to be creepy.
  • I liked how when Theo said that Scott turning his back on Stiles goes against what being a true alpha means and I liked how Stiles argued that is exactly what being a true alpha means which is not being willing to put up with a murderer.
  • I liked how when Theo asked if Stiles heard of justifiable homicide that Stiles says you did not just ask a cop's son that?
  • I liked that how when Theo tried to prove his point that it wasn't wrong that to kill the chimeras by showing Stiles that his eyes were still yellow that Stiles instead says that the reason his eyes didn't change is because he doesn't feel guilty about it. I really enjoyed their conversation about ethics of their kills and I especially liked that Stiles refused to agree with Theo's justifications.
  • I think that Stiles saying he felt good when he first realized that Donovan was dead has more to do with him feeling relieved that his life isn't in danger anymore than him actually enjoying killing someone because we've just seen way too much guilty from him starting pretty much just after he killed Donovan. I'm also worried that Theo is so happy to hear Stiles say this.
  • I liked that Theo was knocked out by Parrish but I didn't like the same happening to Stiles and I was a bit worried about his health but he seemed to be okay at the end of the episode.
  • I'm really worried about Liam and Hayden since they were taken by the dread doctors at the end of the episode.
  • I liked how it was unclear for quite a bit that Scott was hallucinating that Kira was trying to kill him and I liked that Mason was the one that pulled him out of the hallucination.
  • I'm worried about the body that Melissa found in her kitchen at the end of the episode that seemed to be killed by Kira's sword.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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