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TV Review: Scream: Exposed(1.05)

                                                   Scream: Exposed(1.05)Review
  • I felt really bad for Emma when she had to go back to school after everyone saw the video of her first time.
  • I liked the exchange between Emma and Audrey where Audrey tells Emma that she knows what it's like to be in this position.
  • I was glad to hear that Will was actually unaware that him and Emma were being filmed.
  • I like that someone new is being brought into take over the investigation since the Sheriff has screwed up quite a bit already.
  • I liked how Brooke got mad at the girl who tired to sit in Riley's seat.
  • I liked how Noah told Emma that he was really sorry that he accidently leaked the video of Emma and I liked that she forgave him since she knows it was an accident.
  • I liked that Kieran didn't actually watch the video but I still don't know how I feel about his relationship with Emma because he still seems suspicious.
  • I liked that Emma wants to just let the police deal with things because she feels like that she just can't win with the killer.
  • I liked how Emma told Audrey that Rachel deserved to be remembered like the rest of those who have been killed and Audrey told her that she deserved a life.
  • I found it a bit surprising that Rachel's parents think that Audrey made her do things that she wouldn't normally do but I think Emma's right in thinking that's just the way her parents can justify their daughter liking a girl.
  • I liked how after Emma got a message from the killer and it broke her train of thought that Noah took over her speech about Riley.
  • I was sad that Emma felt unable to tell the police everything she knows because she fears what the killer will do. Although I do like that Emma told her mom that not being able to tell her certain things goes both ways.
  • I like that Brooke feels unable to keep secrets from Emma and she tells Emma that Will only asked her out originally because Nina bet him that he couldn't get her to sleep with him.
  • I liked that although Emma is clearly mad at Brooke for keeping that secret for so long she also isn't going to end their friendship over it.
  • I liked how Noah mentioned that Mr. Branson is the only teacher that still lets him talk during class.
  • I find it suspicious that the link in the message chain for the video is the same link that is used for Mr. Branson's English class.
  • I like that Noah wanted Mr. Branson wants to just be Nina's innocent pawn and I like that Audrey thinks that they were in on it together.
  • I like that after seeing Emma crying that Piper did her best to comfort her by listening to her and understanding where she's coming from.
  •  I liked that we learn that Piper's father was murdered and that she believes that the police never really tried to solve his murder and she's been asking questions ever since then.
  • I liked that when Emma told Will off for their relationship being based off a bet that she mentioned that the worse part was that he never told her while they were together and that she told him that they aren't anything to each other anymore and she doesn't want to talk to him anymore.
  • I find it very worrisome that Brooke's dad hide her mother being put in rehab and that she can't talk to her for two whole months.
  • I liked that Jake took Brooke's side over Will when it came to telling Emma the truth about the bet.
  • I liked how Audrey easily took down Will in the middle of the self defense class and embarrassed him on Emma's behalf.
  • The fact that Nina, Tyler and Riley were all the ones that had access to Mr. Branson's computer and they all died seems very suspicious.
  • I find it very worrisome that there's a video that looks like Brooke's father killed someone who could very well be his mother and I also find it worrisome that Jake and Will have seen that video and haven't thought to show it to anyone.
  • I'm worried about Will since it seems like Brooke's father believes Will is behind the blackmailing scheme and he seems likely to kill to keep his secret.
  • I find it a bit creepy that Brooke's father has hidden camera's all over his house.
  • I liked that the new investigator after seeing what was on Nina's laptop said no wonder someone killed this girl.
  • I find it weird that Emma and Kieran got together in the same episode that their parents get together.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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