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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission(5.09)

                                           Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission(5.09)Review
  • I really liked Scott's opening monologue about how things have taken change for the worse recently with his asthma coming back bad enough that he has to carry around with him at all times now. Then he goes into talking about how no one is really talking to each other anymore and that maybe some of them like it that way since it makes it easier to keep secrets then he goes on to talking about he fears that he isn't able to save anyone anymore. Then only thing I really didn't like about this monologue was Scott telling Theo about all this.
  • I liked that the dread doctors didn't care at all that Theo wanted a pack but I dislike that their planning to kill Hayden.
  • I thought that Liam and Hayden were really sweet together and I liked how he was looking after and doing his best to make sure that she's safe.
  • I'm really worried about Hayden because she's bleeding mercury and I think it's a bad idea for Liam and Hayden to keep that fact to themselves.
  • I liked that Stiles and Lydia were working together looking for nemton but I thought it was a little weird that Lydia couldn't find it since there are dead bodies on it and she's usually drawn to them. While I liked how Lydia said it's always better when they know I understand why Stiles would think telling Parrish could be a bad idea since Parrish could be pretty dangerous.
  • I liked that Scott could sense something was wrong with Liam and that he offered him any kind of help that he could give him and reminded him that he's there for him. I felt so bad for Scott when Liam told Scott that he couldn't protect anyone.
  • While I hate Theo I do think that he's right that Scott wouldn't blame Stiles if Stiles had told him  the whole story about how he accidently killed Donovan when Donovan was trying to kill him so it really upsets me that do to his guilt Stiles still refuses to tell Scott about it and Theo knows this and uses it to his advantage.
  • I liked that when Mason saw that Cory was getting stronger that he helped him with testing his strength and I liked that Mason told Cory that Scott is a good guy and that he's trying to help despite the circumstances that Cory met him under.
  • I was really worried about Cory when he started bleeding mercury everywhere and I was a bit sad to see that Scott is doubting himself so much that he froze up because he didn't know how he could help him and actually had to be convinced by Theo to do something.
  • I liked that after Cory was sent to the hospital that Liam found Hayden and got  her out of there because he knows she's next and he wants to protect her.
  • I really really hate Theo for telling Scott that Stiles killed Donovan and I really hate how he made it sound like cold blooded murder rather than what it actually was but I do have to admit that Theo is a really good liar and that if I didn't know for a fact that he was lying I probably would've believed so I can't really blame Scott for not really knowing what to believe after that conversation.
  • I really liked how Scott's reactions to Theo's story about Stiles and Donovan were ones of both disbelief and horror because what Theo was describing was pretty horrific and the idea that Stiles his best friend in whole entire world could be capable of something like that is one that he can't really comprehend yet he knows that Stiles has been keeping something from him and he doesn't see a reason for why Theo would lie about this. I also wanted to point out that Tyler Posey's acting in this scene was really good and it was one of my favorite parts of the scene.
  • I liked that when Malia saw that another chimera was in her class she went after her when she left the classroom and I liked that when Natalie tried to stop her that Malia pointed out that she thinks Natalie knows more than she's willing to admit and that she leaves anyway.
  • I love that Malia tries to help the chimera Beth and that she was completely heartbroken when she was killed right in front of her.
  • I thought it was interesting that Cory has the power to blend into the walls and I'm sad that this didn't help him escape the dread doctors and that they killed him anyways.
  • I liked that when Stiles saw that Malia was upset that he tried to reach out to her and I was sad when Malia told him that she couldn't handle another body or another failure and that she walks away.
  • I wasn't really all that interested in Lydia and Parrish looking for the nemton and I really dislike how the show keeps ship teasing them since their relationship just feels wrong.
  • I hope that Theo lying to the Sheriff about how Donovan has died and Scott about how he died in two different ways comes back to hurt him.
  • I liked that Hayden worried about how much her sister will worry about her if she leaves and that she worries that she may hurt Liam someday.
  • I liked that after Parrish found out that he was that he was the one taking the bodies that he wanted to turn himself in because he was breaking the law and that he thinks of himself as dangerous.
  • I'm really worried about Hayden since the dread doctors gave her a shot that will most likely kill her.
  • I dislike that Theo gave Liam the idea that the best way to save Hayden is to turn her into a werewolf and that Theo is using the fact that Scott won't give Hayden the bite because too many things could go wrong in order to turn Liam against him.
  • I liked that when Scott confronted Stiles about the fact that he killed Donovan that the first question he asks is why Stiles didn't tell him right after it happened, I liked despite everything one of the things Scott's most confused about is that Stiles would keep something this big from him.
  • It frustrated me that Stiles did such a bad job pleading his case because while Stiles did say that it was self defense and that it was to keep his dad safe he didn't explain what really happened even when he had reason to suspect that Scott may not have gotten the true story. I also think that Stiles getting so anger and taking about how sometimes people have to make mistakes and get their hands dirty sounds more like someone trying to justify their actions than someone that actually did only defend themselves. I think the problem is that Stiles doesn't believe that what he did is right or forgivable so he sucks at defending himself to Scott because while he wants Scott's absolution he doesn't for a second believe he deserves it.
  • I liked that one of Scott's main points when it came to saying that killing Donovan was wrong was because of the way in which Scott believes he dies because while I believe that Scott can understand self defense he doesn't know that is what actually happen. I think that through out the conversation Scott isn't actually trying to pass judgment on Stiles but rather trying to make sure that Stiles knows that they can't just go around killing people and that killing people is wrong and with the way that Stiles is reacting I can understand why Scott fears that Stiles may not believe this anymore.
  • I liked that more than anything Scott wants to believe what Stiles is telling him and I liked how Stiles pretty begged Scott to tell him what he can do to fix things between them. I liked how it was clear that Scott wanted to be able to tell Stiles what to do in order to make things better but he has no idea what that is because Stiles killed someone and you can't undo killing someone yet at the same time Stiles is still his best friend and Scott still loves him but he doesn't know how to make things right anymore than Stiles does so he tells Stiles not to worry about anything and to talk to his dad not because he doesn't love Stiles but because he doesn't know what to do and he's hoping the Sheriff will.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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