Sunday, November 8, 2015

TV Review: Revenge: Kindred(4.14)

                                                      Revenge: Kindred(4.14)Review
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan caught up with each other at the beginning of the episode and I liked that Emily was surprised that Nolan got married and I still find it weird that Nolan didn't find out that Emily was kidnapped until after she was safe again.
  • I liked that Jack shied away from the media attention after being given an award for his part in rescuing Emily and Victoria.
  • I liked that Victoria is trying to get Margaux to let go of her vendetta against Emily because she knows that Emily is going to be the one who wins this.
  • I like Victoria is trying to redeem Daniel's memory by creating a charity in his name I just think that's a much healthier way to deal with her loss than to seek revenge.
  • I felt bad for Louise when her brother gave her papers that made it look like she was the one that killed her father.
  • I thought it was petty of Margaux to release an article that claimed that Emily and her father was romantically involved.
  • I liked that we got see Victoria in her element with how she showed how much influence that she has over the other women that live in the Hamptons.
  • I liked that when Louise told Nolan that she thinks that she killed her father that Nolan told her that he believed that there was more to the story than she knows and that he still believes that she's a good person.
  • I liked that Emily confronted Margaux about the article and basically told her that she didn't want to mess with her.
  • I liked that we learned that Emily has been Emily Thorne for eleven years and I like that Emily is having doubts about letting go of that identity and living as Amanda Clarke again. I also like that Jack's partner Ben seemed understanding of Emily despite barely knowing her.
  • I liked how Victoria and Natalie kept playing each other with of both of them trying to take control of the other Hampton ladies it was just very fun to watch them both play this game so well.
  • I liked how Emily used her revenge training in order to help Louise unlock her suppressed childhood memories.
  • I liked that when Louise disappeared and checked herself into a mental ward that Emily went to find her and convince her to come back.
  • I liked how Victoria basically blackmailed the other ladies into investing in her charity and supporting her naming it after Daniel as well.
  • I liked that Emily went undercover in order to get Louise out because I missed seeing Emily do that since she hadn't done that in awhile.
  • I liked that Emily showed Louise that Nolan found evidence that Louise isn't the one  that killed her father and I liked how Louise was surprised that Nolan had faith in her when she had none in herself and Emily told her that's just who Nolan is.
  • I really loved the conversation that Jack and Margaux shared where Jack told Margaux how being a parent changes what's important for you with how your child always have to come first.
  • I liked how Louise stood up for herself against her mother and was finally able to find out both the truth about her father's death which was that her mother killed him and that she was finally free of her family's influence.
  • I liked how Emily shared a dance with her father and she told her father that she was happy with her life the way things are and that she's not ready to be Amanda Clarke again.
  • I was curious about who else could have possibly died in Victoria's family when she got that call at the end of the episode.
  • I don't like that Margaux is considering using the video of Jack admitting he killed an FBI agent to hurt Emily since Jack as never done anything to hurt her.
  • I don't really like how Emily hooked up with Ben at the end of the episode but I also found it random how Jack all of the sudden wanted to be with Emily after not showing any interest in her for so long.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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