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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder:Best Christmas Ever(1.11)

                        How to Get Away With Murder:Best Christmas Ever(1.11)Review
  • I found it sad how Annalise spent her holidays getting drunk alone in a hotel room while she told everyone else that she went to visit her mother.
  • I liked that while Sam's sister Hannah clearly believed that Sam wouldn't kill anyone that it was clear that it came from a place of her not being able to think of her brother as a killer and I liked that Annalise gave her the evidence to look over and that she said that people don't make sense.
  • I liked how Michaela was putting on a happy front of everything being perfect while it being fairly clear that she was trying way to hard to make it seem like everything is fine.
  • I was a little bit surprised to learn that Annalise didn't tell anyone about Sam's sister coming into town but I do agree with what she told Wes about how she felt that him knowing would just make him worried about something that he doesn't have to be worried about.
  • I liked that with the case of the week with a woman coming forward about how her husband was keeping captive two girls so that he could rape them in their basement, that Annalise could see that the woman was a victim of the husband herself and therefore deserved a plea deal that would allow her not to spend anytime in jail.
  • I find it interesting that Laurel and Asher are the ones that don't think the client deserves the plea deal. I'm not really surprised by Asher having that viewpoint but I am by Laurel's.
  • I feel bad for Wes with the nightmares that he's been having but I'm also glad that he is shown to be emotionally effected by the murder because he handled things so well the night that it happened.
  • I liked how when Laurel was visiting her family she told them all the crazy stuff she has been up to at school because she knew that her parents were going to overlook her once again in favor of talking about something more shallow. I also liked that she seemed to get joy out of upsetting her father.
  • I liked how Laurel told Frank that she was thinking about how Conner's car is full of forensic evidence and that there needs to be something done about it.
  • I was surprised to find out that Nate's wife is terminally ill and that he's told her about Annalise and that she supports the relationship because she wants him to be happy even if it's not with her. I liked that both Nate and Annalise felt that she was a better person than either of them were as well.
  • I liked how over Christmas that Conner told his sister that Oliver was his boyfriend despite the fact that they aren't even together right now.
  • I liked that although Oliver is unsure of if it's a good idea to get back together with Conner that he allows him to stay to watch a movie with him provided he stays on his side of the couch.
  • I liked that when Conner's car is stolen he doesn't go to the police about because he's worried about the forensic evidence and I liked that when he tells the others that Laurel tells him that Frank must have had something to do with it. While Frank doesn't admit to anything it's obvious that he did have something to do with it.
  • I liked how even after Annalise finds out that the client lied about drugging the victims before her husband raped them that she still can see that her client was trying to protect the girls from the memory of rape and so she doesn't drop the case.
  • I liked how Wes figured out that the stillborn baby is actually alive because of the way the client calls the baby hers in the recording of the questioning.
  • I liked that the reason that Frank and Asher have been hanging out is because Frank wants to make sure that Asher doesn't grow suspicious of the others.
  • I find it interesting that Bonnie apparently comes from a pretty messed up family.
  • I liked that Asher tells Bonnie that she hurt his feelings pretty badly after she was mean to him after they slept together but I also liked that he admitted that he's been acting like a jerk to her during this episode and he shouldn't have done that.
  • I liked that once Annalise finds out that the client is hiding a child somewhere where no one is taking care of her that this is when Annalise gives up on helping her client and instead does what she has to do to ensure that the child is safe.
  • I liked that Laurel made Wes, Conner and Michaela talk with her about how their handling things because she knows that if they don't talk to each other they'll all start to breakdown and that's going to get them caught.
  • I liked how Laurel admit that she missed the rest of them while she was on break and that Wes admitted that he's been having nightmares and he's worried he might be going crazy. I also liked that Conner mentions that he doesn't trust Laurel and Wes but that he does consider himself and Michaela to be on the same side although Michaela doesn't feel the same way. I also liked that Laurel is okay with Conner not liking the rest of them she just thinks it's a bad idea for him to keep that a secret because it could lead to more distrust in the group which can get them caught.
  • I felt bad for Michaela when over New Years she was freaking out a bit and Aiden told her that he thought that postponing the wedding would be a good idea.
  • I liked that Conner and Oliver got back together and I liked that Conner told Oliver that he's the only person in his life that he trusts right now and that they could take things slow.
  • I'm honestly starting to wonder if Frank's a hit man because of the way he asks Annalise if she wanta him to take care of Hannah.
  • I liked that Annalise was finally able to convince Hannah that Sam is gone and probably a killer by telling her half truths that Hannah took as the whole truth.
  • I'm very worried about what's going to happen now that Sam's body has been discovered.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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