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TV Review: The 100: Reapercussions(2.03)

                                           The 100: Reapercussions(2.03)Review
  • I liked that Clarke saved Anya and got the two of them out of there because she knows that both of their people are in danger from the Mount Weather's people and if they want to have a fighting chance against them their going to need to work together.
  • I find it very disturbing that it looks like the Mount Weather people are the ones that created the reapers and I wonder why they decided to create the reapers in the first place considering that they seem to just be mindless killing machines.
  • I liked how Bellamy was refusing to unrestrain Murphy because he doesn't trust Murphy but at the same time Finn did have a point that it's probably for the best that they don't leave Murphy completely defenseless out here because he's the only one that knows where the grounders prison camp is, although I also like that Bellamy still refuses to give him any type of weapon.
  • I liked how Octavia offered to help Lincoln's clan fight off the reapers because she wanted to save him but I disliked that they still tried to kill her glad that she was able to get away from them before they could do that.
  • I liked how Maya showed Jasper the room with all the art in it and I liked that those two almost kissed.
  • I liked how Monty noticed that no one had seen Clarke for a long time and that he started to worry that something might have happened to her but at the same time I kind of liked how Jasper was sure that she could handle whatever trouble that she got into.
  • I liked that Anya killed one of her own people in order to save him from being either eaten by or turned into a reaper.
  • I liked that when Finn spotted a grounder with Clarke's watch that even though Bellamy knew that Clarke wouldn't take it off willing that he was able to keep a clear head and think through things logically.
  • I liked how Bellamy used Murphy tapping on rocks as bait to lure in the grounder with the watch to them in order to interrogate him about where they took their people.
  • I liked that Kane didn't want to punish Abby with giving her lashes because he wanted things to be different on the ground than on Ark but I disliked that he ended up giving her the lashes anyways because he thought it was the only way to keep everyone in line but it really didn't make much of a difference in the end.
  • I liked that Octavia was willing to be the bait in order to help the grounders to fight the reapers so that she could save Lincoln.
  • I liked that Monty started to distrust the Mount Weather because Clarke doesn't trust and I liked that even Jasper started to distrust them a little bit when he found out that Clarke was still missing although he continued to trust Maya and I don't really think that he's wrong to since she probably has no idea what those higher up are up to.
  • I find it interesting that the Mount Weather people have a setting on their guns that will drive the reapers away.
  • I think that the grounder was probably telling the truth the first time when he said he found the watch outside of camp because it's likely that the Mount Weather people left the 100's personal items there so that any survivors wouldn't come looking for them.
  • I disliked how Finn started freaking out beating the grounder and then threatened to kill the grounder if  he didn't tell them where Clarke was I personally think that the grounder made up a place to send them just to save his own life because we know that they didn't take the 100.
  • I liked how Bellamy is able to keep a cool head through out interrogating the grounder and that he kept telling Finn to calm down and stop beating and threatening the grounder. I also liked how Murphy pointed out that they all thought he was the crazy one while Finn's the one loosing it.
  • I liked that Kane came to the realization that being merciless isn't the best way to go about things on the grounder and I like that he's going to try to negotiate some sort of peace with the grounders and that he's leaving Abby in charge of the camp while he goes on this mission.
  • I liked that Octavia was able to prove herself in her fight against the reapers and that Lincoln's clan decided now that they won't kill her because she fought well but I'm sad that she was unable to save Lincoln.
  • The story that Clarke went crazy is one that I think that the people of Mount Weather are telling to everyone that isn't higher up or work directly with those areas and I think that Maya most likely isn't lying but just doesn't know the truth. I liked that Jasper feels bad now that he called Clarke crazy last episode.
  • I liked that Anya ended up saving Clarke from the guards before they could capture her and I liked that the two of them worked together to escape which was through jumping down a waterfall and I'm glad that those two survived the fall.
  • While I don't really like that Anya is taking Clarke prisoner I expect it to happen and I understand why she's doing  it since Clarke is her enemy and she was able to kill so many of her people.
  • I liked that Murphy was trying to convince Bellamy that the most logical thing for them to do is to kill the grounder because he could escape and get more people and than attack kill them later and I liked that Bellamy refused to do it because while they have killed grounders before that was in battle and this would be an execution and there not going to do that. On the other hand I disliked that Finn just executed the grounder and I like that everyone can clearly see that Finn's loosing it because he's just doing these things without thinking or talking anything through like the others are.
  • I'm very worried about Lincoln because it seems like the people of Mount Weather are going to try and turn him into a reaper.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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