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TV Review: The 100: Inclement Weather(2.02)

                                             The 100: Inclement Weather(2.02)Review
  • I liked how Bellamy told Kane that he had to get back out there in order to find his people because he knows that someone took them but I disliked how Kane told Bellamy that he wasn't going to be allowed to go after his people and how Kane pretty much seemed to think that he and his men will do a pretty job at keeping everyone safe even though they have no clue what they're dealing while Bellamy does.
  • While I dislike Bellamy being locked up in general it was probably for the best to tie up both Bellamy and Murphy and keep a large amount of distance away from each other.
  • While I get why Kane feels that it's best that only members of the guard have guns I also think it's probably for the best considering the circumstances that everyone learns how to use them.
  • I liked how when Clarke learned that some people were brought in that her first thought was that it could be one of their people and that she then rushed to medical right away in order to see who it was.
  • I liked how Jasper followed Clarke because he didn't want her to cause too much trouble but I also really like that Clarke continues to distrust the people of Mount Weather and I liked how seeing that guys body with a bullet wound made her believe that they are lying about there being survivors outside.
  • I liked how Abby was hesitant to preform surgery on Raven because if could very well kill her but I also liked that Raven demand that she had the surgery after she learned that if she didn't have the surgery she'd never be able to walk again and she knows that she needs to be able to walk down here.
  • I liked that Lincoln was able to send his healer friend to save Octavia's life although I didn't like that this led to him getting captured.
  • I liked that Jaha hallucinating a baby was something that led to him figuring out a way to get down to the ground.
  • I liked how Finn stayed with Raven through out her surgery and gave her someone to focus on and hold onto while she was in pain. While I can't ship them because of the cheating I do enjoy their relationship on some level because their history together and because they still clearly care for each other.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Murphy that even if he was being tortured he wouldn't have given up the location of the camp because he's not a traitor that being said I can't really fault Murphy for giving up information after being tortured.
  • I think that something that is going to be a major problem this season is that Kane and Abby still think of the 100 as children that need to be protected but with what they had to deal with last season they all have grown up a lot and in the case of Bellamy and Clarke they're not going to be willing to give up their leadership and go back to following the adults especially when they know how life on the ground works a lot better than those who have just came down from the Ark.
  • I liked how Octavia held the healer hostage in order to convince Lincoln's clan leader to give Lincoln back to her alive and I liked that this did end up working somewhat for her.
  • I felt bad for Raven when she learned that she can't feel about half her left leg and that she is now cripple while this beats being dead or entirely paralyzed it's still a pretty major injury that might not ever heal but at least she'll be able to get around using crutches.
  • I liked how Raven told Finn that he should go out and try and find their friends rather than just staying to make sure she's okay.
  • While I'm in agreement with Clarke that the Mount Weather people can't be trusted I also understand Jasper's point of view of believing that they are guest and that with the way Clarke keeps pushing things she's going to get them kicked out and back in danger which is the last thing Clarke wants to do.
  • The scene where Jaha hallucinates Wells was really sad but I'm glad that Wells convinced his father to live rather than die a tragic death that he seems to keep getting close to.
  • I liked that Finn broke Bellamy out of jail and I liked how Bellamy decided that they had to bring Murphy with them because he knows where the grounders prison camp is and I liked that he still kept Murphy restrained because he doesn't trust him.
  • I liked that even when Clarke was trying to let things go she just couldn't and she instead just got sneaker about her investigating all the strange things about Mount Weather. I thought that it smart and pretty ruthless of Clarke to being willing to reopen her stitches in order to get into medical.
  • I'm very concerned about Lincoln since he has been kidnapped by reapers which can mean nothing good for him.
  • I'm glad that Jaha has made it down to earth but I'm concerned for him because he seems to be on some beach and therefore far away from everyone else.
  • I like that Abby was the one that sent Finn to break out Bellamy because she knew that he was more willing than Kane to go out and look for the members of the 100 and she just wants to find Clarke as soon as possible.
  • I find it really freaky that the people of Mount Weather are draining the grounders of there blood in order to give it to their own people and I'm curious about what Clarke is going to do with this information especially since she just found Anya locked in a cage.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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