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TV Review: Agents of Shield: The Things We Bury(2.08)

                                   Agents of Shield: The Things We Bury(2.08)Review
  • I thought that Whitehall forcing people to touch the oblisk in order to time how fast the die was really horrible and I felt really bad for all the people that were put through that. I thought that it was even worse when he found a woman that didn't die when she touched the oblisk he decided that he had to lock her up in a cage.
  • I liked how Skye's father told Whitehall that the oblisk/diviner isn't something that can just be used as a weapon but that it actually leads somewhere. I'm concerned about how he mentioned that going to the city or something in the city could lead to destroying humanity which is never a good thing and I'm confused about why Whitehall still thinks that Hydra going there is a good idea.
  • I'm very concerned about how Skye's father said that he would reunite with his family in the afterlife because I don't want anyone hurting Skye but at the same time I think there's a good chance Skye's father could be lying to Whitehall because he doesn't trust or like him.
  • I really didn't get Coulson's whole mission of handing people two random things in Hawaii then going somewhere else to hack something to find a map. This plot wasn't exciting, interesting nor did it make a whole lot of sense.
  • I thought that Bobbi seemed to do a pretty good job at interrogating Bakashi but his complete and total belief with Whitehall and all he stands for kept her from getting much of anything from him for quite awhile.
  • I liked how Mack mentioned to Lance how Coulson went completely nuts last episode and how Mack pretty much is implying that working for him isn't such a good idea.
  • I'm very concerned with how Simmons pointed out that any Hydra employee could be brainwashed without even knowing it because this is the third time this season that Simmons and brainwashing has been implied which makes me believe that she was brainwashed.
  • I kind of liked that the show took the time to tell us that Christian is cheating on his wife probably to both show how two face he is and to make sure that we all hate him even more.
  • I liked that Ward was able to get his brother at his mercy because after all that Christian done to him his whole life it's nice to see the power dynamic be swapped.
  • I liked how it was shown that when Bobbi is thinking hard on something she twirls her batons and I liked that Lance knows what this means.
  • I liked how excited Simmons was to hold a file that Peggy Carter also once held.
  • I liked how when Peggy was interrogating Whitehall for information that she let him talk without ever offering him a deal and told him point blank that as long as she had a say he will be locked up because she knows about how he preformed inhumane experiments on people and it disgusts her.
  • I'm so glad that Ward was able to see through all of Christian's manipulation tactics and that he didn't once fall for a signal one of them and instead called out what Christian was trying to do to him. I especially liked that when Christian tried to say that he helped Ward escaped that Ward told him how he fought his way out and reminded Christian that he planned to have him executed.
  • While I'm glad that it's made clear that Ward is accepting responsibility for his own actions I think it's messed up how he thinks he let his family hollow him out because they abused him very badly for his entire childhood and he didn't let them do it and it breaks my heart that he thinks that's even somehow his fault for not being able to handle a completely terrible situation better.
  • I find it so sad that Ward needs Christian to confess what really happened at the well because he can't even trust his own memory that was brought up the beserker staff last season because his family has messed him up that much that he doesn't even know what the truth about his past really even is.
  • I'm glad that Fitz was able to do the high pressured task that Coulson had given him to do but I still think that Coulson constantly expecting these things out of Fitz while he's still recovering from his injury isn't fair of him or good for Fitz in general.
  • I really disliked the speech that Trip gave about trusting Coulson no matter what because it just doesn't feel earned or even like something anyone would actually say.
  • Even though Whitehall is a terrible human being I liked that he was treated like a human being while he was imprisoned with how he had sunlight, books, plants and other personal items this shows that Shield once was a decent place but it also shows that the show knows that Coulson treatment of Ward was inhumane which is a good thing because that means that Coulson will be called out for that someday.
  • Whitehall is the most disgusting person ever pretty much with how he killed the woman who could touch the diviner and than harvested her organs and used them to make himself younger because he saw that she hadn't aged in decades. I don't know if you can top this level of awful and I don't want anyone to ever try.
  • I liked that when Lance figured out the information about who Whitehall really is and how old he really is that he gave the information to Bobbi so that she could use in her interrogation of Bakashi.
  • I was so glad that Ward got Christian to confess to what really happened at the well and I liked that we learned that the mother seemed to be the crueler parent and that she favored the younger brother so Christian wanted him to die which is really disturbing when you remember the well flashbacks and consider how young they were. Overall I'm just glad that Ward now knows for sure that he never wanted to hurt his younger brother that it was all lie and he no longer had to carry the guilt for something he was never guilty of in the first place.
  • I enjoyed the scene with Skye's father meeting Coulson I just really find Skye's father to be an entertaining character and I like that he wants to wait to meet Skye in order to make a good first impression and while he still does seem to be a bit unstable I also feel like he does care about Skye as well.
  • I really dislike how Coulson once again doesn't tell Skye information that concerns her such as he met her father because I think that's something that she should be made aware of so that she can be emotionally prepared if she encounters him.
  • I'm assuming that Ward is working some undercover thing in Hydra because he was never loyal to them in the first place, it's a good way for him to take the organization down is from within it especially since he'll be doing everything on his own and he promised Skye that he would find her father and well being inside Hydra got him to her father.
  • I don't really think Ward killed his family since they didn't show him doing it on screen because that seems like a scene like that would make for good drama so the fact that they didn't show that scene makes me think that he isn't the one responsible their deaths although even if he is it doesn't make me think any less of him since his family abused him through out his entire childhood and are now trying to have him killed so I can't blame him for wanting them dead.
  • I liked Bobbi and Lance hooking up but at the same time considering that Lance flat out told Bobbi that he can't trust her even though he wants to and she has told him that she doesn't lie to him I don't think them getting back together will end any differently than it did the first time because they haven't resolved any of their previous issues.
  • I liked that it seems like Skye's father wants revenge against Whitehall because he killed his wife and harvested her organs also after seeing what happened to Skye's mother I can understand why he would loose control the way he did.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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