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TV Review: Revenge: Intel(4.09)

                                                       Revenge: Intel(4.09)Review
  • I enjoyed how we saw Emily starting off the episode torturing one of the men who tried to kill her father to figure out what was going on and then was able to answer the door and act like everything was perfectly normal. I just enjoy seeing both how screwed up Emily is and how good she is at deception and this scene showed both those things.
  • I was really annoyed by Jack's partner flirting with Emily and coming to her house but I'm glad that she also seemed annoyed and dismissive of him as well.
  • I actually quite like the flirting between Jack and Kate in this episode their scenes had a sense of fun to them that made me enjoy the scenes.
  • I'm glad that Victoria was suspicious of the guys that attacked David in her hospital room but I also liked that David didn't really tell Victoria the whole truth which is something I like because I've hated how he's trusted her so blindly in the past episodes.
  • I'm a bit curious about why Louise's family seems intent on covering up the circumstances of  her father's death.
  • I liked how Emily had it figured out after one of men who attacked her father that was in police custody committed suicide that it was a staged suicide and an inside job.
  • I liked that Daniel was putting at least a little effort into getting Margaux back and I think he was right about hoe Margaux is the one that is giving up on them not him.
  • I'm glad that David told Nolan that he owed him an apology and I liked that Nolan told him that he owed him a reputation.
  • I liked how David said that Nolan is the one that knows Emily the best and that Nolan agreed with that statement. I also liked that Nolan realized it was odd that he hadn't heard from Emily all day so he went over to her place to see what she was doing.
  • I liked that Nolan let the guy that Emily was torturing go and I liked that he told Emily that she crossed a line.
  • I liked how Emily let Jack's partner take her out just so that she could manipulate him into giving her information about the police cases that she didn't already have. I also liked that she beat him at all the bar games they played.
  • While I thought that it was probably smarter for Nolan to look into Louise's past and work with Margaux I did like that Nolan felt bad about possibly hurting her in a way similar to how he had been hurt and how he thinks of her as his friend so he'll look out for her whether or not that's the smart thing to do, I've just always enjoy the absolute faith Nolan has in the people he chooses to care about.
  • I kind of dislike that Jack's partner was able to tell that Emily was using him rather than just going on a date with him but I also am okay with it because at least than he could tell that she isn't really into him.
  • I think it's strange that David has a safe full of money and he's keeping it secret and not using it to pay off the man that's after him, Malcolm Black who is after him because he stole from him it seems like he could easily settle this matter but decides not for some strange reason.
  • I liked how Nolan told David that he didn't need to leave town because he had put a tracker in the guy that Nolan released from Emily's torturing.
  • I continue to really love Emily and Daniel having honest conversations with each other and I'm pretty sure Daniel might have actually tried to flirt with her which was kind of hilarious, basically I just wished that they started having conversations like this a long time ago because their great.
  • I really don't like that Victoria is putting Emily in danger by telling Malcolm Black's people that she would be willing to pay off David's debts for him.
  • I don't really get how Margaux being pregnant explains why she's been pushing Daniel away at all.
  • I have mixed feelings about Kate being the one who is working for Malcolm Black and I think that this is a bad thing for Jack since he decided to sleep with her right after we find this out.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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