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TV Review: Agents of Shield: The Writing on the Wall(2.07)

                                Agents of Shield: The Writing on the Wall(2.07)Review
  • I found the Carver guy to be really creepy with how he would carve the weird alien symbols into people's skin.
  • Coulson becoming more and more obsessed with carving the symbols into the wall and generally being more mentally unstable is very worrisome because he has a lot of power over a lot of dangerous things and no one this season seems willing to stand up to him so him being in charge of things just makes me more and more worried about everyone else.
  • I liked that when Trip thought that he caught Ward off guard when he found him that Ward actually knew exactly where Trip was and signal him to show him a bomb which he was using as a bluff to keep Shield from killing him or taking him.
  • Once again this episode proves that the team doesn't know Ward at all with how Coulson assumed right away that Ward wasn't bluffing when it cam to the bomb but if you play close attention through out the episode it is proven that he was with how he was shown having his hand off the dead man's switch with no explosion happening. For once I'm glad of the team's complete lack of understanding when it comes to Ward because he kept him free and alive this episode.
  • I liked how it was explained that the other people who were craving or painting the symbols were people that the test subjects for Gh-325  who had their memories erased because that explains what happened to those people and why certain people are carving the symbols.
  • I find it mildly concerning how causal Fitz and Mack were about stealing a dead body from the morgue but in all honesty steal dead bodies is wouldn't even make the top twenty list of disturbing things Shield has done still a bit odd that no one really consider this all that strange.
  • I know that I was probably suppose to see this as a threat but when Ward was talking with that kid and his mom all I could think was that he was such a dork so I enjoyed that scene.
  • I liked that Ward was able to figure out that Bobbi was one of Coulson's people that was following him because he noticed that she was on the same page of her book as she was when she was outside the bus.
  • I liked that when Coulson said that he was going to use the memory machine thing that Raina used on him last season that both Skye and Simmons told him that they thought that it was a bad idea although this of course didn't stop him from going through with his plan and forcing them to be apart of it.
  • I liked that Mack after witnessing all of the crazy things Coulson had been doing and talking about that he started to wonder what he signed up for and is clearly doubting Coulson's leadership abilities, this makes me really happy because honestly Coulson is a terrible leader and someone needs to question him.
  • I found the whole GH-325 what happened with the test subjects to be very frightening with them all going insane and how the person working with Coulson on the project had no problems using these people as test subjects that they thought of as less than human, I found this whole thing frightening but the thing I liked best of all was that this was all Shield's doing there was no way to pin this on Hydra this being all Shield just proves that they aren't better than their enemies and they need to face the facts soon or they'll just end up becoming monsters.
  • I liked how this episode showed how Coulson is so clearly loosing it and that his actions are something that actually makes his team frightened of him because this has been going on for awhile now so it's nice that it is at least briefly acknowledge within the show.
  • I really dislike how Coulson is seemingly unable to see reason with how he couldn't acknowledge that his behavior was screwed up with how he locked Skye in vault D so that he could run off and find the other people with Gh 325 in his system when he clearly wasn't mentally stable.
  • I felt bad that no one noticed for a few hours that Skye was locked up in the vault but there is a certain irony to it as well.
  • I felt really bad for Hank Thompson the guy that was a dad who built a train track for his kid with how both Coulson and the Carver guy threaten him and his family about strange symbols that he doesn't understand and isn't interested in understanding.
  • I liked how when Lance was implying that a lack of subtly blew her cover she brought up the fact that Lance was dressed up as a cowboy.
  • I loved how Ward lured Bakashi Whitehall's second in command to meet with him and then took out all of Bakashi's guards and captured Bakashi left him tied up for the team to find and also used the time the team spent get prepared for a fight to escape. I really love how Ward did made more progress in taking Hydra down in one episode than Shield has all season.
  • I liked that in a lot of ways this episode portrayed Coulson as almost as bad as the Carver guy that who is clearly a really bad guy because it shows how flawed Coulson is this season and how unfit he is to lead anyone.
  • While I like how Mack is actually about his boss possibly being crazy and the whole him having alien blood thing I wonder if the whole people who are alien can't be trusted is some kind of foreshadowing with the team possibly turning on Skye once her alien powers/abilities start to emerge because Shield does have a really cruel police when it comes to gifteds and I don't have any reason to believe they won't have an even worse one when it comes to aliens.
  • I don't really understand figuring out that symbols make a map to a city and having all the parts really helps Shield considering they have no idea what might be there if anything actually is.
  • I know that Coulson wants everyone to believe that he's all better now but I don't believe that but then again I had a lot of problems with Coulson this season in general and maybe this means is less ethical decisions that he made this season will actually be something that he has to own up to now not just have them hand waved as a side effect of GH 325 which I would enjoy because he really needs to called out on a lot of his decisions.
  • I liked that Ward called Skye just it seems to tell her that he'll keep his promise to her and that he has to deal with some personal matters for awhile. I also liked that even though Skye does ask Ward where he is she makes no move to trace the call even though there is literally a button on the screen of the phone shown before she answers it that says trace I take her not wanting to trace the call to mean that she actually doesn't want Shield or his brother to catch him which I think is a good thing.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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