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TV Review: Revenge: Atonement(4.10)

                                                Revenge: Atonement(4.10)Review
  • I liked that when Victoria suggest to David that he use Emily's money in order to pay off his debts to Malcolm Black that he refused to involve her but on the other hand I get where Victoria is coming from because if all the guy wants is money and it would save their lives I can understand why she doesn't see why it's a big deal to ask Emily to pay off his debts.
  • I liked that Daniel tried to figure out what he can do to help Margaux with her pregnancy and I liked that he clearly wants to be there for his child despite not having the best example for what a parent is suppose to be like in his own life.
  • I liked that after Emily had Nolan hack into Kate Taylor's file and it came back clean that he didn't want to look too much further into it because FBI agents hold grudges and arrest warnets.
  • I liked how Emily snuck into Kate's hotel room and then put up Nolan's brand of hidden cameras on her wall.
  • I liked that Nolan did his best to make it up to Louise about give secrets a way about her to the press and I liked that while she was mad at first she decided to forgive him pretty quickly.
  • I kind of liked the flashbacks Daniel had of the time in which Conrad did his best to convince Daniel to testify on behalf of a rape victim because it would be better for his future if he kept quiet. I liked that Daniel wanted to do the right thing and tell the truth and he almost did it until Conrad being the awful person that he was manipulated him out of doing that.
  • I liked that Emily told Jack that she was worried about him once she found he was involved with Kate because of what she suspected that Kate was up to.
  • I liked how Victoria told Kate that with her being an FBI agent it was up to her to figure out what Emily's connection was to David.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan came up with a plan to figure out what Kate was really up to at his party since she was coming as Jack's date.
  • I liked that Victoria was supportive of Margaux and was able to convince her to give Daniel a chance to be a better father than Conrad was.
  • I thought it was funny how after Nolan pretty obviously dumped his drink on Kate's dress that Jack said that he wanted to know if she was dirty and if she wasn't he wants an apology.
  • I liked that Daniel told Victoria how they pretty much had what Emily gave them coming because of all the horrible things their family had done and I like that he wants to stop pretending that he didn't do anything wrong because he knows he has.
  • I really enjoyed the scenes between Emily and Kate because they are both really good at their game of manipulation and are pretty good fighters also the had weird foe yay vibe that I really enjoyed seeing.
  • I liked that Emily was able to figure out that Kate was actually working for Malcolm Black and that she was planning on exposing Kate by having her confess on camera at her house and I also liked that after it was clear that Emily knew the truth Kate admitted to being Malcolm's daughter.
  • I actually like that Victoria's reason for betraying David was because she didn't feel that she could trust him because he lied about his first wife's death which is a pretty big thing to lie about so I can't really blame her for not trusting him after finding out the truth. Although I still blame her for a lot of the other bad things she has done in the past like having young Emily committed.
  • I was surprised that David tried to kill Victoria because he seemed pretty blind her bad qualities all season so far before the last two episodes.
  • I liked that Daniel and Margaux sorted things out between the two of them and decided to get back together and figure out parenthood together.
  • I really enjoyed the fight between Emily and Kate is a very aggressive and violent which made it a pretty good fight scene since they seemed pretty evenly matched.
  • I liked that Daniel ended up dying by taking a bullet for Emily but I was sad that Daniel had to die right when he was finally getting his life together and becoming a better person. I liked that he died in Emily's arms and that she told him that between it wasn't all a lie and he told her he knew.
  • I'm glad that Jack got there and ended up killing Kate before she had the chance to kill Emily as well as Daniel.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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