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TV Review: The 100: Human Trials(2.05)

                                               The 100: Human Trials(2.05)Review
  • I'm glad that Abby was able to see and recognize Clarke before the guard lady locked her up or hurt her in anyway.
  • I liked that Clarke told them that she and the others were taken by the Mount Men not the grounders and that she told them that they have to rescue them.
  • I liked that after asking if anyone else survived and learning that Finn and Bellamy did that Clarke allowed herself to breakdown and find comfort in her mother as she cried about how she thought they were all dead. I liked that after seeing Clarke be strong and brave all season that she allowed herself a moment of weakness because that's something that makes her feel more real.
  • I liked that Jasper had been asking about Clarke and when he was told that she left and he said that Clarke wouldn't just abandon them. I also liked that the Mount Men leader is willing to let Jasper leave to go find her.
  • I liked that Kane ended up planting his mother tree in the grounder.
  • I liked that as soon as Clarke woke up that she wanted to start working on a plan to save the others from Mount Weather even though her mom kept telling her that what she needed was to rest.
  • I liked that Raven had waited outside the tent all night to see Clarke and I liked that the two of them hugged.
  • I liked that when Clarke saw she ran up to him and hugged him. I also liked that she hugged Octavia as well.
  • I liked that Murphy pointed out to Finn that the grounder village looked like a village of old people and children not warriors and most likely this isn't the place that they would keep prisoners.
  • I find it very worrying that Murphy is the voice of reason in his and Finn's stake out this really shows how out of control Finn is becoming when he makes Murphy look sane.
  • I find the whole process of making someone into reaper to be very disturbing and I feel really bad for Lincoln having to go through it.
  • I think that it's a good idea that the council wants to gather more intel on Mount Weather but I really don't think they should believe that they have too much time because who knows how fast things can change.
  • I liked that Clarke and Bellamy where upset when Abby told them that no one would go after Finn and Murphy and wouldn't allow them to go after either.
  • I liked that Clarke pointed out that they shouldn't have killed Anya if they wanted to make peace with the grounders which is something that they need to do.
  • I liked that after Abby said no one leaves this camp that Clarke turned to Bellamy and said we're going to need guns.
  • I liked that Raven helped to get the guns and get down the electric grid.
  • I liked that it turned out that Bellamy was planning on Octavia going with them and that she didn't need to fight with him to get him to agree.
  • I liked that after Monty heard that Clarke was gone he planned to go after her right away and I liked that Jasper also admitted that Monty was right that should go after Clarke.
  • I felt bad for Maya when she affected by radiation and almost died from it.
  • I like that Jasper was willing to help Maya out but I don't trust the people at Mount Weather and I feel like him allowing them to filter Maya's blood through his system could be dangerous for him and possibly the rest of the 100.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Clarke that her closing the drop ship door was something that needed to be done and in that he helped ease some of the guilt that Clarke had for doing that.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Clarke about how much Finn had changed with how he killed a grounder without even blinking and I liked how Bellamy also expressed some of feelings of guilt of allowing Finn to go out with guns when he knew how unstable he was and Clarke told him that she's sure it had to be done.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Clarke how they assumed it was the grounders and I liked that Clarke told him there was no way he could have known that it was the Mount Men that took them. I also liked how the two of them expressed how concerned they were for the others still trapped at Mount Weather.
  • I felt bad for the grounders after Finn burned their food supply.
  • I thought that Murphy had the right idea that they should leave after they were found out of course Finn disagreed and decided to terrorize the villagers instead.
  • I liked that Monty was against Jasper allowing Maya's blood inside him because it could possibly hurt him but I can understand why Jasper was unwilling to let Maya die.
  • I liked that Monty caught the Mount Weather lady in a lie and that he refused to leave Jasper's side during the treatment.
  • I hated that Abby slapped Raven but I liked that Raven told Abby that Clarke hasn't been a kid since the day she was sent down to earth.
  • I thought that it was good of Kane to make sure that he was the only that would be captured if it turns out to be a trap which it does.
  • I was surprised to see the Kane ended up being held with Jaha who somehow got to the right part of the world.
  • I liked that Murphy pointed out to Finn that these grounders are scavengers and easily could have just found the clothes and that they should just walk out of the village while they still can, I liked that Murphy practically begged Finn not to make things worse.
  • I also just felt really terrible for the grounders who are so clearly terrified and have done nothing wrong.
  • I liked how Octavia tearfully tells Bellamy that she couldn't save Lincoln and then he comforts her.
  • I liked that the President didn't want to experiment on the 100 as of yet although I doubt that it will stay that way for long with doctor Sing and his son  pushing him to go in that direction.
  • I liked that it was explained that the one grounder sent them to the village in an act of revenge.
  • I hated that Finn killed all those grounders and I felt so bad for them that died over nothing.
  • I thought that it was scary how Finn walked up to Clarke like nothing was wrong after he just killed a bunch of people and said I found you like it was suppose to be romantic when the scene around them is horrific and Clarke certainly feels horrified with the scene in front of her eyes.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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