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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Tattoo(3.01)

                                                Teen Wolf: Tattoo(3.01)Review
  • I was worried for Isaac at the beginning of the episode when he was injured and not healing but I'm glad that that girl was their for him and was trying to keep him save. I'm really curious about why the alphas needed to make Isaac to forget something and if we'll ever find out what he forgot.
  • I'm really creeped out by the twin alphas that seem to morph into one big giant alpha when they attack someone.
  • I liked how excited Scott was to get a tattoo and I felt bad for him when he discovered that his tattoo had healed on it's own. I also liked how Stiles passed out at the sight of Scott getting a tattoo.
  • I enjoyed the conversation between Alison and Lydia about what they did over the summer with Alison going to France to get away from everything and Lydia explained how Jackson left for England.
  • I liked how when Scott saw Alison it was super obvious that he was still really into even though they haven't seen or talked to each other in months.
  • I liked how embarrassed Scott and Alison got about seeing each other for the first time in months and how they wanted Stiles and Lydia to run a red light but neither of them were willing to do that, I just really love that scene because it was so awkward and entertaining. I also really like that when they were on a straight road Scott wanted Stiles not to follow the girls even though they didn't really have any other options of going another way so Stiles just kind of stops in the middle of the road.
  • I found the thing where the dear ran straight into Lydia's car to be pretty freaky since that's not really something that happens often or really ever.
  • I liked how Mrs.Mcall when she saw Isaac come into the hospital she went right to him because she knows about werewolves heal and I liked how worried about the girl Isaac was.
  • I'm very happy that Scott has found a way to better time manage over the summer and that he seems to have gotten himself caught up in school, this makes me strangely proud of him because all of last season I was worried about him getting held back so I'm glad that he's doing well with finding time for school work.
  • I like how Alison seemed somewhat reluctant about going back to school since she had been away for so long and has been through a lot and I liked how Mr. Argent was willing to let her stay home if she didn't feel ready to go back yet.
  • I liked how Stiles was looking up similar accidents to the one with the deer from night before and I liked how his dad wasn't really able to convince him to go to school and instead basically had to drag him away from the computer.
  • I find it interesting that since Jackson departure Lydia seems to be having casual sex with guys but is in no way looking for a relationship.
  • I liked the conversation in the hallway between Alison and Lydia where Lydia assures Alison that she loves her and if she needs to talk she there for her.
  • I liked that when Mrs.Mcall couldn't get a hold of Derek that Isaac said that Scott was his other emergency contact.
  • I liked how awkward but sweet Scott was when Alison asked if the seat in front of him was open and I liked that she smiled at Scott's answer and I liked how Stiles gave Scott a thumbs up for his failed attempt at seeming casual.
  • I liked how when Alison passed Scott the note about if they can talk that Scott got all smiley and I'm sure that his answer would have been yes so I'm a bit sad that these two weren't able to talk in this episode.
  • I liked how Stiles noticed the dog bite on Lydia's ankle and I liked that he started putting together that all the animals behaving strangely might be a sign that something bad is coming.
  • I found the scene with all the birds crashing into the windows of the classroom to be pretty frightening and I liked that during that scene Stiles tried to make sure that Lydia didn't get hurt, I just like that this shows he cares about her.
  • I liked how Scott told his mom that he's going to make sure that this year will be different than last year with him trying to be a better version of himself and not letting the werewolf stuff get in the way of school like he did before.
  • I'm pretty much creeped out by all the members of the alpha pack that we saw in this episode and I was quite worried about what they wanted to do to Isaac.
  • I liked that Scott was able to try to protect Isaac and I liked that Derek finally showed up in time in order to save Isaac and keep Scott from getting hurt but I wonder why it took so long for him to show up.
  • I liked that Officer Stilinski is trying to figure out all the strange things going on in Beacon Hills lately and I really think it's a bit odd that the show thinks it's not a good idea for him to know things considering he's the one who has to investigates all of these strange things.
  • I found the bruises that the girl left on Alison's and Lydia's arms to be interesting since it's clear it's meant to be a clue of some sort.
  • I liked that Mr. Argent told Alison that the werewolf stuff is something that is no longer her problem.
  • I liked how Scott explained the reason him having a tattoo was so important to him since it's a sort of reward for not calling Alison all summer even though he wanted to so badly all summer. So I'm glad that Derek was able to help him make the tattoo permanent.
  • I liked how throughout the episode that Scott was finding ways to use his word of the day ephemeral.
  • I find it interesting that Scott is seen as a potential threat to the alpha pack but Derek is seen as a means to destroy Scott.
  • I'm really sad that the girl was killed off since she seemed like an interesting character and I really wished that we got to know more about her.
  • I like that it seems like Boyd and Erica are still alive since I really liked both of their characters.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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