Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: Looking for Alaska

                                                    Looking for Alaska Review
Looking for Alaska by John Green(the author of The Fault in Our Stars another book which I love) is about a high school boy named Miles 'Pudge' Halter who has decided to go to Culver Creek boarding school in search of the "Great Perhaps". Pudge is a boy that never really had any real friends and he spends most of his time reading biographies and memorizing last words. While at Culver Creek he starts to make actual friends with the Colonel, Alaska and Takumi and they introduce him to a new way of life which involved drinking, smoking and pulling pranks although Pudge notes at one point early on that although his parents would say he fell in with the wrong group of kids they are all very smart which is something I find interesting and enjoyable about the group. Pudge also has major crush on Alaska throughout the book, Alaska is a girl that at one moment she's very friendly, bubbly and caring but the next time you see her she could have withdrawn into herself and considering that everyone else's problems no matter what they are to not be real problem. The first half of the book I would say is mostly coming of age story for Pudge with him meeting new people, doing new things and overall just discovering a new way of life.

The second of the book deals with Pudge and the Colonel trying to figure out the mystery of Alaska Young but because of how little of herself that Alaska is willing to relieve they find themselves at somewhat of a loss to explain why Alaska did the things she did and overall they just couldn't fully know her or understand the way she thought of things. The second book also deals a great deal with death and what is it that happens to a person after they die.

Overall I loved this book it has great characters, a pretty good plot line that just feels very real which is something I can consider a good thing. There were a lot of great quotes through out this book, I loved so many quotes in this book that I'm thinking of making a list of all the quotes I loved from this book. Overall I loved this book in fact I loved even more than The Fault in Our Stars the other John Green book that I read and loved.

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