Monday, June 24, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Identity(2.19)

                                                 Revenge: Identity(2.19)Review
  • I really enjoyed how adorably excited Daniel was to be back together with Emily through out the episode.
  • I loved how Emily wanted to be there Nolan after he got released from questioning and that she actually followed through with the whole being there for him and that she helped him through it in the best way she could think of with having him go after the Falcon who is who Emily deemed was at fault for what happened to her father and Padma.
  • I really loved that Emily was so sure of Nolan's ability to take down the Falcon especially since Nolan thought it was impossible, I just liked seeing that Emily has so much faith in Nolan's abilities.
  • I really enjoyed Ashley and Jack working together to try and find the information that they need in order to get the information to destroy Conrad.
  • I quite enjoy the fights that Victoria and Conrad were having through out the episode about Conrad's campaign and how Victoria wanted no part of it, I just generally tend to enjoy the arguments these two have because I find them entertaining.
  • I kind of enjoyed Charlotte's plot with becoming friends with this bad girl Regina and her partying and letting loose a bit but I felt bad for Declan since she ditched him at the last minute and lied to him about what she was doing.
  • I liked that Daniel called Takeda to research about Aidan's past because in all honesty Aidan comes off as the least trustworthy person on the show so I'm glad that even Daniel is suspicious of who he really is.
  • I loved that Takeda tried to make Aidan come back Japan because he rightly points out that Aidan is just screwing up Emily's mission and he's also still too emotional, I agree with pretty much everything Takeda said here and I really wanted Aidan to be off the show because I don't like his character at all and I see him as basically a distraction for Emily in her revenge schemes. I did like that Aidan mentioned that revenge didn't give him peace though.
  • I really loved that the Falcon was actually a girl and I overall just really loved all of the exchanges between Nolan and the Falcon. I especially loved the part where Nolan told her that caring about people doesn't make you weak it makes you stronger, I really loved this line because it's just something that fits Nolan's character perfectly.
  • I really enjoyed how the news of Victoria's first child Patrick was revealed on live tv which seems to be where most Grayson family secrets are revealed.
  • I liked that Emily and Nolan's plan to reveal the Falcon actually worked since most of the takedowns this season haven't really worked. I also loved the moment with the crossing off of the Falcon's picture where Emily said it was for Padma and Nolan said it was for David, I just really enjoyed that moment.
  • I like that Jack doesn't want Emily to be part of his life anymore because I think he has a pretty good reason to feel that way and I really don't think those two fit in each other lives.
  • I really loved the scene where Ashley confronts Conrad and gets her old job back, I especially loved the moment where Ashley said she would have advised against live television because that really never ends well for the Graysons.
  • I'm interested to see what will happen once Victoria finds her son Patrick and if he'd want anything to do with her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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